#MondayMusings : The blues and the other hues!

#MondayMusings :  The blues and the other hues!

This is definitely is not an art post. I hate the phrase Monday Morning Blues for two reasons. I hate Mondays. Blue is my favourite colour. So if you bring the things you like and hate together, are you going to like it or hate it? In this case I definitely hate. I know the “Feeling Blue” is a phrase that has its origins from […]

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The Scary Hairy Tale

The Scary Hairy Tale

“Your hair is crown you never take off” But what if the crown begins to fall off? From the time I was a little girl, I always wanted long hair. But mom had her own terms and conditions for me to have long hair. I had to learn to manage it myself. My school expected girls with shoulder length hair also to braid their hair, […]

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