The Scary Hairy Tale

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“Your hair is crown you never take off”
But what if the crown begins to fall off?
From the time I was a little girl, I always wanted long hair. But mom had her own terms and conditions for me to have long hair. I had to learn to manage it myself. My school expected girls with shoulder length hair also to braid their hair, and not just one but two! When I was old enough to take care of my hair, she let me have long hair. Everything was good. An illness when I was 16 made me lose some hair. But most of it grew back and I was satisfied.
Do you think it is a happily ever after story? If it was, may be I wouldn’t have written because there is not much to say! But since it isn’t, brace yourselves for the story ahead.
I can’t point out the exact reason. The reasons are plenty they say. It could be the pollution, the water, the food I eat and the list goes longer with each passing day. Or it may be because of the many reasons, that I feel like pulling out my hair or may be my hair is what makes me feel like pulling out my hair! Whatever it is, I am so scared that it makes my hair or whatever is left of it stand on end!
It all started slowly. One step at a time or should I say one strand at a time. It all felt normal. When a few more strands began to fall, I consulted none less than Dr. Google. It is normal to lose a few strands of hair everyday and I was assured that it was all okay. I realized how horribly wrong I was with each passing day. The hair ties that required only two rounds to keep my pony in place, now needed three and then four. Not the fault with the hair ties I say. Why? There are more strands of my hair on the comb and on the ground in front of the mirror rather than on my head. No I am not lying.
The housekeeping lady who comes to clean my room every alternate day says there is more hair that dust to sweep in my room. I make it a point to pick every strand of hair that I can possibly see that has fallen down, but then there are strands that the human eye cannot see and you need the magic of the broom to bring all the strands of hair from every nook and corner to one place. The housekeeping lady not just keeps complaining about it but also begins giving me tips and tricks to ensure that my crowning glory stays on my head rather than fall to the ground.
Shampoos have been changed. The one hour chumpi and the like have been tried with all the hair oils available. Each natural hair remedy has been given a chance but to no avail. Nothing works. The only thing I can do I suppose is to collect each strand of fallen hair and keep it somewhere safe. When the day comes when I have no hair on my head, may be I’ll make a wig of my own hair and wear it. Is that even possible? I don’t know. But hey! Don’t spoil it for me. That is the only hope that I have.
Then there are those haircuts which make you lose more than half of the remaining hair on your head even if all you want is a little trimming to get rid of the splits. If you thought the fallen hair was my only hairy problem, please you haven’t met my hair. On the days that I wash my hair, my head is the frizz capital of the world. I can be on those Center Shock ads because my hair is naturally in a shock. Or may be some homeless bird which is too lazy to build its own nest can find my head a cozy place to live in. Oh wait, cancel the homeless bird. May be a bird which is on a trip and wants to rest for a while can find a comfortable bed on my head. Why? Because the day after I have washed my hair, my head is the oil capital of the world. The amount of oil produced would put the largest oil wells to shame. Good hair day is a myth I say, a dream that will never come true.
I think I must stop now before you begin to pull out your hair in frustration! Yes, I remember my mom telling me that a large forehead was a sign of intelligence. So my receding hairline is making me intelligent- a thing that I wasn’t gifted with when I was born. There is a price to pay for everything. May be that is why. May be I’ll admire my crowning glory and take care of it as much as possible before it becomes non existent. May be I’ll let my hair down and enjoy while I can.
Do you have any hair raising or hair falling tales of your own?

20 responses to “The Scary Hairy Tale”

  1. shalzmojo says:

    Oh my – you have made it my story. I am going through the same since last year and I think it started with a very stressful time in my life but then on its just continued… I am in the same boat of worry over my hairfall!!

  2. deepagandhi says:

    Haha..It started for me after coming to Bangalore and they say its because of hard water. I tried everything as you said and it’s better but not great.

  3. Vidya Sury says:

    Hair woes! Gosh. I get that photo totally, Reema. There’s not a day I don’t regret not listening to my mom about taking good care. I was blessed with abundant hair and it seems like i wilfully lost most of it through pure negligence. Hugs! Yes, don’t stress. Let it go 🙂

    • Reema D'souza says:

      Yes, I think I am gonna stop worrying too much about it! Worry increases hair fall I’ve heard. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Hair is another hair story ….(pun intended…:))…..I have had bad hair days too and it seems like my hair love the Autumn season…..they are so much in love with fall….:D….try shower filter and make sure you have digestive issues – hope it improves……

    • Reema D'souza says:

      Lucky you! At least you don’t have to worry in autumn! Yes I will try. Most likely the cause is changed water.

  5. I’m happy to have hair dressers tell me that I have thick hair at my age (not sure if the age part is a compliment though). Change of water makes a difference for me. Have you considered a vitamin deficiency? Makes sense to check.

    • Reema D'souza says:

      I think change of water is the reason I’m losing my hair too! I used to lose some hair back when I was at home but it is really bad after coming to Bangalore. Thanks Corinne I’ll check about the vitamin deficiency.

  6. Ranjini says:

    Me me me! These days it has reduced. But until last month, I was losing my mind seeing all the hair. My hair is only half the size it was in school. 🙁 Even so, these days I am glad that I have at least so much left and have been trying to maintain it. I even tried expensive ayurveda treatments, in vain. Now, I use special shampoo, oil etc and something is working. i have no clue what! Phew!

  7. Novemberschild says:

    Hair fall is our biggest hair woe. It is one of the most commonly talked about hair problems and is reason for enough stress and anxiety, which continues the cycle.

  8. Meera says:

    Yes, with the amount of hair I lose everyday, I wonder how am I still not bald too. There’s no change of water, but perhaps its the weather. Well I have to find a reason to say. Sigh!

  9. kalaravi16 says:

    Seriously ROFL!!!! I totally sympathize with you sweetheart! You know I did a post on my scary hair tales too! Hehehe…good hair days are myths after all! Keep Calm, Keep your Hair On 😉

  10. upasna1987 says:

    Same story everywhere. Almost everyday is bad hair day. Mine are brittle and look frizzy. For hair fall, try onion juice.

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