#MondayMusings : The blues and the other hues!


This is definitely is not an art post.
I hate the phrase Monday Morning Blues for two reasons.
  1. I hate Mondays.
  2. Blue is my favourite colour.
So if you bring the things you like and hate together, are you going to like it or hate it? In this case I definitely hate. I know the “Feeling Blue” is a phrase that has its origins from times of old. But I just can’t hate the colour blue. I’ve to find a phrase that explains how I feel on Mondays.
So what is my phrase for it? Or rather what is my colour for it? Let me think about it.
How about Red?
Red signifies danger. Mondays are dangerous, aren’t they? After the bliss called weekend that went by even before you could actually enjoy it, Mondays mark the beginning of yet another week of work. Mondays mean meetings – definitely not the happy kind! And how I hate the Red coloured error message when my code throws some errors! So the Monday Reds it is then?
Oh wait! Isn’t Red also supposed to signify love? So Monday Reds would translate to Monday Love. And that clearly is non-existent. Okay wait! If Red signifies both love and danger, I’ve a question. Is love dangerous? I’ve got something else to think about now. But let me not deviate from the topic. Red is a confusing colour! And plus I like when the traffic lights go Red on Monday Mornings. Why? I walk the almost two kilometer stretch to work everyday and I spend more time waiting to cross the road rather than actually crossing the road. But whatever be the reason Red is eliminated.
Since I spoke about traffic signals, shall I pick the colour green then? Green for envy. Mondays are definitely envious of the fun that we have during weekends. But wait, green signifies progress and prosperity too, isn’t it?
Colours, why are you so confused? Why do you signify opposite things?
The more I think about it, the more confused I get! I pick each colour and then I realize that I like something about that colour. I’ve got my favourite colour, but yes I love all the colours and I do not hate them. Oh yeah, I love black and white too!
But wait. There is one colour that can represent what I feel on Monday mornings. Grey! Wait, is it even the colour? That question is for another day. While a bunch of people may go gaga about fifty shades of grey, I do not like even a single shade of it. I definitely don’t like the dullness associated with it. It makes me feel low. Bingo! I’ve found the perfect solution.
Ladies and gentlemen, by the powers vested in me by no one but myself, I hereby declare “Monday Morning Greys” as the phrase that best describes most of our Monday morning feelings!
Ah! All that discussion about colours did add a some colour to my otherwise boring Monday. So how you doing? If you were facing the greys, I hope I added some colour to it!
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16 responses to “#MondayMusings : The blues and the other hues!”

  1. There are some pearl grey shades which look great Like Benjamin moore wall paint grey .But I too love all the colours Reema.Maybe cant wear all of them ,but different shades of them may make me fall in love.Colours do affect mood I have seen.Lovely reading your musings.

  2. I think I’d go for Monday Pinks, because I totally don’t like the colour pink 😛

    Here’s to Monday Pinks

  3. Greys yes. But I like Mondays. I am a workaholic and it doesn’t matter what day it is and I love going to work 😀

    I’m weird I know!

  4. Enjoyed reading your posts. i too hate the phrase monday morning blues.

  5. Shirley Corder says:

    I also like the colour blue, and in any case, I love Mondays as it always feel as if I have a whole wonderful week stretching before me. Of course, it doesn’t seem more than one or two days and it’s the weekend again! Read this heart-warming true story. https://shirleycorder.com/impossible-dream/

  6. I take it – Monday Morning Greys because though I love all the colours, grey is the one I do not associate my likes with. As for me, I love my Mondays since it is the day after the weekend and D goes to school after 2 days of holidays which gives me undistracted time to relax. And then there is also work to be done which I like most – writing for Monday Musings and interacting with awesome bloggers and you are one of them 🙂

  7. Parul Thakur says:

    I enjoyed this post. Honest and made me logically see what you were trying to say. That piece of code had no bugs. I love Blue and I also love Mondays 🙂 I love work and that I can wear blue, gray , red and any color. 😉

  8. I love Monday it gives a fresh start for the week…and i do some planning for the entire week on Monday..Would love to give some bright colour for Monday

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    *Menaka Bharathi *

  9. Modern Gypsy says:

    Monday Morninf greys – I quite like that, ’cause blue is one of my favorite colors too!

  10. Ranjini says:

    Haha I think most of the people won’t have a problem with the new name. Grey isn’t so widely loved. I second you on 50 shades of grey. God! Never understood the hype around it ya!

  11. shanayatales says:

    Haha.. I loved reading your reasoning behind choosing and discarding the colors. Grey seems to fit the occasion very well. 😀

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