Finding the simple joys of life during a pandemic

simple joys of life
Look at that shade of blue!

I can’t believe that it has been 6 months of staying at home. Apart from the few times I went grocery shopping, I haven’t stepped out of my building. While I’m grateful for the things I have that are making my life easier during the pandemic, I’ve definitely not been pleased with the whole situation. Being stuck in a room all day with work that never ends and with the sight of an empty wall as a view from my window, it becomes difficult to look at the bright side of things (even literally!). But then I’ve realized the more I think about the things that aren’t okay, the worse I’ll feel. So, here’s to finding the simple joys of life!

We often look for the big things or big events in life to make us happy. And that may not happen as much it used to during the pandemic. Hence it makes sense to focus on the little things and live in the moment to find the simple joys of life. Here are a few things that have helped me find joy.

  1. Watching a sunset or a sunrise
Sunset from my terrace

I have been mesmerized by the sky always- especially at sunrise and sunset. I have seen beautiful sunsets and sunrises and I always want more of them. When the lock-down started, I made it a point to go to my terrace and catch the sunset.

Things have changed now with lock-down being lifted and construction of buildings around my place, my view of the sunset is blocked 🙁

But when I could I did enjoy the beauty of it.

2. Watching the rain

When it had just rained

Watching the rain feels so therapeutic. I could sit near a window/door and watch the rain for a long time. I’m grateful that I have a tree right outside my building and I can see its branches from the main door of my house. I see the dancing leaves, the little raindrops on the leaves.  A cup of hot tea or coffee is a perfect to enjoy the rainy weather.

3. Playing with pets and watching the birds/animals

Help me identify this please

Like I said in the previous paragraph, the tree outside my house makes living in a noisy, bug city a little better. I like watching the birds that visit and the squirrel that runs around the tree all day. I even watched a crow sleep on the tree at night!

While these are my friends on the trees, you must have definitely seen these two in my Instagram stories. If you haven’t, meet Teddy and Tiger- my landlord’s pets who are found loitering around my house. They are always hungry and always like being pampered!

4. Finding joy in growing/making somethingi

The only flowering plant I have

I haven’t been able to be the crazy plant lady I wanted to be. This is mainly because there isn’t enough space outside to keep the plants and the two girls mentioned above are plant monsters and break the stems and branches.

Though I still have a few plants in pots, I have been growing Pothos or Money plants in glass bottles (Keventers Milkshakes FTW!). And I feel so happy when I see a new leaf grow! It brings a sense of accomplishment 😀

This also holds true when you have made a piece of art, tried a new recipe. When it turns out the way you wanted to, it indeed brings joy! I’m learning to play the Ukulele and learning to play a new song always makes me happy.

5. Reading or listening to a book

reading brings me joy
I can never have enough books.
Note : Using a coaster because Britt-Marie would consider me uncivilized otherwise

No, the list of my joys is incomplete without mentioning books! I’m glad that I own enough books to last me for a while. Yes, buying/receiving a new book makes me happy. But what makes me happier is finding time to read these books. That feeling of joy when you finish a good book is special!

In the last 6 months, I have read more than I usually would. I’m so glad that I chose to spend my free time reading. If you are looking for tips to find more time to read, you can check out my post here.

So these are the few things that have brought me joy in this otherwise gloomy situation. What makes you happy? How do you enjoy the simple joys of life? How are managing to stay sane amidst the craziness of the pandemic?

For some reason, while I was writing this post, I thought this would be perfect for a YouTube Video. 😀 Do you think I should do that?

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12 responses to “Finding the simple joys of life during a pandemic”

  1. Damyanti says:

    The silver lining of the present situation is that it has led people to stop, look up and take stock.

  2. Shalzmojo says:

    Oh yes these joys have been in plenty during the Covid times and I hear you on staying at home for almost half a year in 2020. It looks set to continue till the end of the year I think though the sanctions are being lifted to make life easier on the economy of the country.

    Loved the flowering plant and the two adorable cuties on your couch Reema. BTW that bird in the tree is a Barbet – very common in Bangalore. It makes an alarm call, almost like an ambulance whooping. Wondering if you have heard it doing so.

  3. I love the pictures. You have truly captured the silver lining we found during the pandemic. I haven’t been able to read as much as I wanted to but I am adapting. Haven’t warmed up to audiobooks, need to try them again.

  4. These are the best ways to find joy ……… we need not look further, they are all around. They are simple and subtle in their presence but the best therapist for the mind, body, heart & soul. Our list is pretty much the same Reema…….. and I love your photography!

  5. Natasha says:

    Nice list dear Reema, and I’m so glad you shared on #WW. I have a new logo now and I hope you like it.

    This post is definitely worth a YouTube Video. People need to be reminded about all the good things that we had missed out in the blur of busyness. What say you?

    I love all the pictures and your neighbours furry children are a delight. Couldn’t identify the bird, but the flowers are Periwinkle or Sadabahar.

    Do make this an Insta and Youtube post. Sharing on FB.

  6. Such lovely pictures, Reema. I’m glad you are able to find joy in these circumstances. I’m sure it’s harder for younger folk like you who have an active social life. We’re lucky to be able to walk around our colony and that I can therefore, go to work, since my studio is in the colony. Our dogs bring us joy and I’m so glad you’ve got a couple you can borrow (or do they borrow you?!).

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