When it rains #WordsMatter

When it rains
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The wind blows gently as dark, grey clouds gather in the sky. I make a cup of hot ginger tea and I settle down beside the window, waiting for the magic to happen. For there is nothing else that I’d rather do when it rains. For the pluviophile in me rejoices when it begins to rain. Ever so slowly, it begins with the pitter patter of those tiny drops which soon become bigger and begin to fall down to the earth. The petrichor brings with it a wave of memories. And I begin to look back on all those things that happened when it rained.

When it rains, I’m reminded of my earliest memory of rains. It was one summer evening when Mom, Dad, my little brother and I went shopping. Like that occasional guest who comes without warning, it began to rain or rather it began to pour. We took shelter in a nearby shop, but the rain wouldn’t stop for a long time. When it finally did, the scooter wouldn’t start. Mom and Dad wrapped us up and made us sit on the scooter while they waded through water and Dad pushed the scooter. That showed me what selfless love was.

Growing up, I walked home in the rain with those colorful umbrellas and raincoats, munching on some corn cooked over charcoal. Often complaining, how the games period was cancelled because of the rain but making up for it all while jumping in puddles, splashing water. How easy it was to be happy then.

And then that unfortunate summer, when Dad left and it poured for days. I felt that nature shared my grief and cried with me. Those were the days, I couldn’t hold my tears for I still wondered how things had become so bad. Those were the days when I realized what death really was. I realized sorrow was hard to deal with and it was okay to cry.

I remembered then those innumerable rainy days when I was forced to the confines of my house, either because of illness or because there was nowhere else to go to, how I’d pick up a book and be lost in it. When it rains, I now crave to settle down with a book and escape reality which seems so mundane. Because I learned, that I could be lost in another place, in another time and that a book could take me anywhere.

And then I remember all those times after moving to a new city when I began to hate the rain ever so slowly. I couldn’t believe that I’d ever feel this way. But all those clogged roads, all the time that I was stuck in the rain and the times when I had to go hungry because it was too late to get anything to eat because of the rain brought about this feeling. Time went by, but I couldn’t hate the rain always for it had also brought joy at times. For there were days, when during a long, tiring day, I’d watch the drama of the clouds unfold in the skies, sometimes being lucky enough to find that beautiful rainbow in the sky. I couldn’t just hate the rain after all. 

When it rains, I’m reminded of those first days of love when it rained without warning and we walked down the streets, under one umbrella. I loved that feeling when your fingers brushed against mine and that lovely smile you gave me each time that happened is forever etched in my memory. 

I remember those days where I walked along a new city in a new country, undisturbed by the rain. There was joy in discovering new places and my spirit wasn’t dampened by the rain. There was an adventure as well. That time when I walked on streets where the air was laden with chocolates and entered into a shop.  I’d left after an hour loaded with paper bags filled with chocolates and the rain caught me unprepared. I had an umbrella but I had way too many chocolates and the rain was way too heavy. The paper bags tore in the middle of the street and out fell the chocolates. I somehow managed to save all the chocolates but got back drenched. But I had all those chocolates and a story to tell. 

When it rains, I’m reminded of all these memories that make me smile and sometimes also bring that occasional tear. But sometimes, I’m scared. Scared of nature’s fury, of all the troubles caused by the rain, of the lives that have been lost, of all those lives that have been destroyed. I hope that we could do something and stop nature from unleashing its fury. I hope we save Mother Nature and all of us. 

I now wish my memories of the rain, though bittersweet, remain just like this and may not be destroyed by the passage of time. 

What is your favourite memory of the rains?

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23 responses to “When it rains #WordsMatter”

  1. Esha M Dutta says:

    Beautiful and evocative piece of writing , Reema! Like a potpourrie of memories of the days gone by. The rains do that to us, don’t they? I have so many memories of rains through the different stages of my life, and the people who I walked with, so different from my present. But, that’s another story, best left for another day, if and when we happen to catch up over ginger chai someday! What say?

  2. Modern Gypsy says:

    Such bittersweet memories of the rains you’ve shared here, Reema. I can almost picture you in the middle of the street, getting drenched as you gather up all the fallen chocolates! I hope you get to add many more sweet memories of the rains.

  3. Shalini R says:

    So many memories, Reema. Rains have that power to make us nostalgic, isn’t it? Tight hugs!

  4. Obsessivemom says:

    Such a deluge of memories. Rains seem to magnify whatever emotion one os feeling, don’t you think so? I hope you keep only the happy memories and let the sad ones go.

  5. Soumya says:

    So well written! Gosh, this brings back so many memories!

    I’m not a fan of the rains as it makes everything most, wet and smell weird! But I do have a lot of wonderful memories associated with rains. Ah nostalgia is hitting hard!

  6. Apeksha Rao says:

    A rainy day brings forth so much nostalgia and the feeling it leaves you with is, that yours is a life well-lived, filled with moments of joy and grief, alike, garnished with a lot of hope.

  7. Lovely post, Reema! It seemed like the reader was with you in your life journey, while you narrated it through the bittersweet memories! Well done!

    P.s. pluviophile and petrichor ! Whoa

  8. Shilpa Garg says:

    Rains bring forth such massive waves of nostalgia! There are these overwhelming sensations that leaves us so happy and wistful and sometimes sad over the memories of the past!

  9. Leo says:

    That was visceral. (I hope I used that right). So beautifully descriptive and nostalgic, it makes me think of what rain is to me, and the trigger of memories. Loved it.

  10. So many memories associated with rain. Even I have both good and bad ones.

  11. Saru says:

    I was emotional reading it. I used to love rain. Now I’ve observed, I’m depressed on a cloudy day. I guess it’s a journey. With time, my love for it will rekindle.

  12. I felt like a traveled with your memories through time Reema.Hold on to the happy memories.Keep writing and stay happy.

  13. Parul Thakur says:

    This was a heartfelt piece, Reema. You wrote this will much love that was visible throughout. I wonder how the many times, one thing evokes so many memories. Some good and some no so good.
    I’m so glad you wrote this for #WordsMatter. Personally, nothing makes me more happy than a writing which tugs a chord in some quiet corner of the heart. Thank you!

  14. I can so relate to this post. Exactly my thoughts!

  15. Unishta says:

    How evocative your post was. Reminds me of my own bittersweet relationship with the rain. August particularly is a month in which over the years, several people I knew died. And this is one month in the year I actually dread. But I too love the bhutta in the rain though hate the urban gunk that one has to wade through when it pours in cities like Mumbai.

  16. Aseem says:

    Rains bring so many memories, so many thoughts, so many events back to life. Rains have that quality which comes to influence our lives in more ways than one.

  17. Nice write up! I am not much of a rain person (i love the sun) and yet I was reminded of all the times I did enjoy the rain.

  18. How beautifully you’ve captured the many moods of rain, and how sometimes it’s in sync with our own, and how we sometimes fight it for not being in sync with us.

  19. Shilpa Gupte says:

    I have so many memories of rain, right from childhood to yesterday, when I looked from my window to see a heavy curtain of rain in the distance as if concealing the land beyond from our prying eyes! And, also, that time when I spotted a double rainbow and felt on top of the world! 🙂

  20. Rains to me has always been chilly shivers, windy days and some hot food. Loved your memories Reema.

  21. You have beautifully described how rain was with you all along through thick and thin. I could sense the close connect you share with it. It was a delight to know a piece of your life and share a tiny bit of your happy moments and sorrows. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Suha Vijay says:

    Aww…you have so many memories with Rains. Couldn’t stop reading till the end

  23. What a lovely post, Reema. Such beautiful memories and such bittersweet ones. You’ve inspired me to write a post about my ‘rain memories’ too.

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