The Writer’s Itch

The gloomy weather as well as the tiredness of my journey last night makes me want to go to sleep. I tell myself that I deserve to sleep for it has been a while since I last took a day off without having to go somewhere or without falling sick. Today is just one of those days where I don’t have to rush somewhere or when I don’t have to keep thinking about what to cook. For today is that kind of a day where I could sleep all day if I wanted to or read as much as I want to. I’m really tempted to do the latter, but that can wait for some time. For there is a part of me that wants to do something else. I want to write. 

Writing has been a part of my life for some time now. As someone who liked reading books, the writing was just an extension of it. I started writing as a kid to deal with the pain that came my way. I couldn’t come to terms with the reality of death as a 9-year-old. That was why I began writing – to remember the fond memories, to pay tribute, to bring out my emotions and to come to terms with reality and gradually to heal. Writing, thus, has been a very important part of my life. 

Fast forward to now. It has been quite a few days since I have posted on my blog. When this has happened earlier, it has mostly been a case of Writer’s Block. It usually meant that time when nothing I wrote made sense to me and I would end up with a zillion, half-written, nonsensical things in my drafts folder. That is how it was. But this time, it is quite the opposite.

There is the writer’s itch. There are a million things running in my mind. There are many posts that I want to write. There are those stories that I spin in my head while I walk to work looking at my surroundings, of the happenings in the world of my imagination or there are all those travel posts that I’ve been meaning to write for almost a year now, they are all there. There are ideas, but then there is the writing that I haven’t done.

Work has been keeping me busy and every time I look at the keyboard on my desk at the work, I crave to be free from all the things that hold me back and just write. Call it the Writer’s itch or whatever you want, I want to let my fingers free over the keyboard and rejoice in the joy that it would bring. But I can’t. There is work to do. Typing all those lines of code or the emails or the many documents doesn’t give me the joy that writing something from my heart or putting into words the would of my imagination would give.  
At times in life, there isn’t enough time to do all that you want to.

Sometimes you can prioritize all you want and even after doing that, you may still not be able to do what you want. Well, that is my current situation. I want to write but I can’t write as often as I used to do. It hurts me because really crave to write. For me, life without writing feels incomplete. I try to find all the missing pieces and put them together with my words, for that is what writing has been to me, an integral part of my life. And right now, without writing at least a little, I feel hopeless. Can Hermoine lend me her Time Turner? Or is there some other way?

The dark clouds have gone away after a light drizzle. Ever so slowly, the sun begins to emerge from behind the clouds. Oh hello there Sunshine! I think that is an indication of hope. Could there be hope for me after all?
What is that hobby of yours without which life seems incomplete or boring? Let me know. 

5 responses to “The Writer’s Itch”

  1. Amith says:

    Such nice imagery dude! If I had a time turner I would give it to you so that you can write more 😛

  2. Vinitha says:

    I can feel your longingness to write and hey, you got that covered through this post. 🙂 Obviously, writing is that one thing which I can’t do without in my life much like you. Even if I don’t blog I write daily and that helps a great deal. Writing helps in unraveling those mysterious thoughts which often swirls inside my head causing more hurt than anything else. I assume it is the same way for you too, Reema. Do write in your journal whenever you crave the company of your written words.
    And you write so beautifully, so make it a point to share here too when you get time.
    Much love. 🙂

  3. Kaelani Revyruun says:

    I get the Writer’s Itch too. Though I just refer to it as the Itch. Though for me it’s not really an… Urge per se; I’m not compelled to write. It’s more… A feeling. a… Sense that I’m in touch with another world, a world that is far from here, and filled with wonder. I give in to the Itch and start writing, and my mind fills with that world. The more it happens, the more I learn… and I’ve also learnt over the years that if I want to truly tell that world’s tale, I MUST let the story tell itself. I have to let the tale spin itself upon the loom of my mind, to let the Sighing Wails of Turreidas fill my mind’s ears with the beautiful symphony of the Scorch Currents as they rush through the Wailing Tubes, and watch as the triplet(!) suns of Eurlahndis rise to bathe everything in gold. It’s also always this one story. This one world that I see. Though I doubt I will be able to see it all in my lifetime xD

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