Save Mother Earth #WednesdayVerses

Each day we complain,

About the air that is bad.

Our pleas often go in vain,

This was not what we wish we had.

We blame one person or the other,

For all the harm to the environment.

But if it affects our comfort, we don’t bother,

For it is all in the name of development.

We protest when trees are cut,

But wider roads are what we want.

We keep our mouths shut,

When it all comes down to what’s convenient.

We post pictures holding a plant,

Yet fell trees that give us fresh air.

Our greed has made resources scant,

Yet we only pretend to care.

We live with polluted air,

And water that we cannot drink,

With rising temperatures that we can’t bear,

We now stand at destruction’s brink.

Doesn’t you conscience prick,

Or is it all clear?

Don’t you realize that you are making yourself sick?

Or that the end of us is near?

Little things that we can do,

Can make the situation better.

We’re already late and the chances are few,

Let’s not regret later.

We can’t measure nature’s worth,

And we can’t just wait.

Save Mother Earth,

Before it is too late.

Today is World Environment Day. The theme for this year is Beat Air Pollution. Let us do the little things that we can to make a difference. It is easy to complain and blame someone else -the government, the factories, the traffic. But we often forget that we are guilty as well. Little things like walking or cycling or taking public transport when possible can make difference. Carry a cloth back when you go shopping. Reduce, reuse and recycle! Let us Save Mother Earth.


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Prompt for this week is “Clear”

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3 responses to “Save Mother Earth #WednesdayVerses”

  1. When it comes to saving our nature, we opt convenience. You have touched all the minute details we tend to overlook yet we want to save our environment. Very well versed.

  2. Rajlakshmi says:

    Well written Reema. You hit the nail on the head… Most of us have become armchair activists… We pose for pictures but hardly deep dive into how much our environment has deteriorated.

  3. We all need to do our bit for the environment – goodness knows governments are not doing anything. It scares me sometimes thinking about what could happen even if not in our lifetime, in the future. Nicely penned Reema

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