5 lessons that 2019 has taught me so far

5 lessons that 2019
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Six months into 2019 and I think that time just flew. 2018 was an amazing year filled with a lot of wonderful things. But 2019 is more important to me because it marked the beginning a beautiful journey. Getting married to the person I love has been a wonderful experience but along with it came a lot of changes. Change is a part of our lives but adapting to change is the difficult part. And along with adapting to change, come lessons that we can carry forward with us. 

Here are the 5 lessons that 2019 has taught me so far: Adulting is hard :

1.Adulting is hard

Until last year, adulting only meant working all day and then eating whatever was provided in the PG accommodation that I was staying in and then doing whatever I wanted to which most of the times meant reading a book or going off to sleep. But now it has a new dimension. I have additional responsibilities now – to cook, to clean and to make sure that everything is in place. After a long day at work, it is difficult to get back to doing the household chores. From this arises a new found respect for my mother who has been doing this for so many years. And yes, she said that she is proud of me when she was here at my place for a few days after watching me come back from work late and even then cook.

2. Planning is important:

Be it deciding what to prepare for breakfast the next morning or deciding when to clean the house, planning becomes a necessity. Planning takes on a whole new meaning because there are so many things to do and so little time. Trust me if I were to make a list of things to do apart from my usual routine, that list would never end. There are so many things that I want to do, since time is a limited commodity and now that my time has to be planned with another human being’s plans and suggestions as well, it becomes a little difficult. 

3.Sometimes things don’t go as per the plan and that is okay:

Often things will not go the way you wanted them to. That Dosa batter that didn’t ferment enough to prepare dosas the next day or when you realize in the evening after you are back from work that the vegetables that you planned to cook for dinner are spoiled, things go wrong. And yes, that makes all your plans go for a toss. It is bad, yes. But that is okay. That is when your creativity kicks in with Jugaad or you begin to take your phone and order something online.

4. Be grateful for the little things:

In the busy lives that we lead, often we find ourselves unhappy or tired. It is easy to get overwhelmed or upset about things that don’t go right. There are times when you say – why do things have to go wrong only with me? It is in these times that it becomes really important to be grateful. We often keep looking at things that go wrong that we fail to realize that there are things that are positive. Sometimes all we need to do is to sit down, take a deep breath and clear our head and start thinking of things that are going right. It sure helps.

5. Make time for yourself:

With more things to do and be responsible for, finding time for yourself becomes difficult. There are books that you have to read but find no time to read. Posts that remain as just ideas in your head. You don’t have time to exercise that ends up with you gaining weight. And all of this frustration of not finding time for the things you love makes you more upset. So make some time for yourself. Me time is important. It could be only a few minutes in a day, but that is important. 

So those were 5 lessons that 2019 taught me. Life teaches us something new every day. It is up to us to learn and grab the opportunities that life offers us. So how has this year been for you so far? Let me know. 

I received this tag from Anagha and I am passing it on to Geethica.

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41 responses to “5 lessons that 2019 has taught me so far”

  1. Unishta says:

    You seem to be managing really well Reema! How nice that you have made the shift from single girl to happily married. Life will throw curve balls your way but you seem to have got your strategies sorted out. Good luck and keep smiling

  2. Damyanti says:

    All your points hit home, but especially number 3. I do need reminders of that one.

  3. Oh I know what you mean, Reema. And I had to make this adjustment at 41! 😉 But with an understanding partner, lots of planning and willingness to share chores, things get easier.

  4. Lata Sunil says:

    Huge changes for you. Adulting will soon become normalized. But good that you realised that “me time” is important. I would say be very possessive about it with the smallest amount of flexibility. It is something I realised atleast 10 years post my marriage.

  5. Welcome to adult life young lady. Its strenuous and most times it emotionally drains you out. But then we need to keep going as we learn more new lessons in life.

  6. Shalini R says:

    Huge changes for you, but congratulations again, Reema! 🙂 I so loved this post and even now I feel Adulting isn’t easy.

  7. Balaka Basu says:

    Ha ha ha..adulting is hard and tiring. We started long time back and now we have got used to it.

  8. Vinodini says:

    When I saw your wedding pics, I was like: Wow! Time for a big transition for her. I have always imagined you as a student/young professional. But trust me this is a phase you will look back on years later, smile and feel proud about yourself.

  9. Aesha Shah says:

    You are doing so well, Reema. Indeed marriage does bring added responsibilities but now you have a person to share it with, which is such an amazing feeling. All the best to you for new beginnings.

  10. Rajlakshmi says:

    Ahh that’s adulting. Can’t escape that… I tried Excellent lessons there. I love your outlook towards life and how positively you are taking all these changes. I too had a hard time in the kitchen but I am sure you will manage everything well as the time passes by.

  11. I loved reading this post. These 5 lessons are the crux of life. Of course, there will be more lessons to be learned down the way. But, the future can wait since so much is happening in the present. Congratulations on starting the new chapter in your life. You are blogging and writing poetry despite the super duper busy daily schedule! Accept a big applause from me. You must be doing really well if your mother gave you a clean chit 🙂
    My good wishes to you, Reema. With that sane head on your shoulders, I am sure you will keep sailing calmly.

  12. Welcome to adulting. Yes there are changes and challenges but so much learning too. Btw at 55 I am still trying to adult!

  13. Modern Gypsy says:

    Ah, it’s a whole new chapter, Reema. And a pretty big adjustment too. But you seem to be acing it, and I can imagine you doing it all with a charming smile!

  14. Shilpa Garg says:

    I think, you are doing really well, Reema. I know, it can be overwhelming in the beginning but you get the hang of the things pretty soon. And as you rightly mentioned, planning is the key!! Wishing you the very best for the next 6 months of 2019 too. Cheers!

  15. Parul Thakur says:

    You are doing well! The change or rather transition is not easy. Things fall in place with a partner who understands and shares the load. I gave up cooking early in my married life and that gave me a lot of time for myself. When not in work calls, I read and write. For me, that makes all the difference. Also, I’m not a good homemaker. Too laid back 😉

  16. Anagha Yatin says:

    Well begun Reema! I am sure you are witnessing Reema 2.0 evolving gradually. I must say that your maturity reflects a lot in all your lessons. Pat on your back for that.
    Wishing you a great journey ahead.

  17. Apeksha Rao says:

    Those were good lessons, and I’m going take them home, too. Thank you for such an inspiring post.

  18. Geethica says:

    I totally understand how life changes after marriage and planning is the core t o maintain happiness. I have been talking about benefits of planning and to accept life with its flaws so many times on my blog.
    More power to you in the following years.

  19. Vinitha says:

    Oh yeah, I am with Monica in this – Adulting sucks, but no reason not to love it. 🙂 You are doing just fine, Reema. Your third lesson is the heart and soul of adulting. 🙂

  20. Shilpa Gupte says:

    Adulting is so difficult, you wish you had remained a kid all your life! 😛
    But, as you have stated the 5 lessons you learned after the BIG change happened in your life, Reema, I am sure you will be a pro at playing adult very soon! 🙂
    Do yourself proud, girl! Just go with the flow and be grateful for all you get from life– good, bad and ugly.
    WIsh you the best !

  21. Esha M Dutta says:

    Couldn’t agree more with those five essential points, Reema! You nailed it. Speaking for myself, I guess I need #5 the most right now! One of the life lessons I learnt early on in life is that married life can be pretty challenging at times, but, with an understanding spouse, nothing is impossible or insurmountable, so go for it, and make the most of the remaining 6 months of the year! Good Luck with everything, Reema.

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