#WednesdayVerses : Empty

I stared into the oblivion,

Trying to put together my thoughts,

And the emotions they brought,

In silos, the way they should be.

I thought through the chaos of daily life,

One that was so filled,

With the a list of zillion things to do,

Yet, felt all empty.

The list of things that I wanted to do,

Grew each passing day.

Everything remained unchecked,

For I was busy doing things that didn’t matter.

Each day began with a promise,

Yet in the end, there remained a void.

A sense of emptiness,

That only kept growing.

I didn’t know what to fill it with,

For I often told myself that there was no time.

And so I went from one day to the next,

Feeling empty, yet doing nothing.

And then one day,

When I couldn’t take it anymore,

I decided to do something about it,

Before it was too late.

I decided to fill it with my dreams,

Beginning to tick off the things on my list.

I filled my emptiness with laughter,

Creating a never ending collection of memories.

I began to look at life with hope,

Slowly the emptiness remained no more.

Maybe it was just a phase,

Or maybe, that is how we grow. 


Welcome to #WednesdayVerses . Vinay and I offer you this word prompt each Wednesday to inspire in you a poem. If it does, do write it as a post on your blog and come link up with us. The linky is open from now till next Tuesday night! Please add your post to the link only if it is a post written for #WednesdayVerses. Please do participate.
Prompt for this week is “Empty”

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10 responses to “#WednesdayVerses : Empty”

  1. Reema, not only the poem is beautiful but also it seems you have written the story of my life in your verses. For I was busy doing things that didn’t matter – that’s what I do every day. I promise myself every day would be different – today I would do something meaningful for myslef but when I hit the bed at nighttime, nothing has changed.

  2. Evocatively beautiful. I love how you learnt to fill your cup. Your words tumble seamlessly spinning a lovely story.
    Thanks for sharing Reema. πŸ™‚

  3. swati khatri says:

    That’s really nice and evocative πŸ™‚

  4. As long as we live a life with purpose and adding meaning, we will hopefully not have that emptiness within.

  5. This is so beautiful. Indeed, it is the case with most of us.

  6. Heart touching poem

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