#MondayMusings: Creating moments of peace

moments of peace

The dark clouds gather in the sky promising some temporary relief from the sweltering summer heat. The gusts of the wind cool down the surrounding. I stand outside my door enjoying the glorious display that nature puts up in the form of the rains during summer. I grab a cup of hot ginger tea and a book and I settle down just outside my door. I am lost in the world of the book that I am reading while also being aware of the wonderful weather around me. The rain has a calming effect on me simply because I’m doing things that I enjoy. 

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But life isn’t always this way. It isn’t the first rain of the season, but for me it is simply because the last time it rained I was stuck in building doing my work unaware of what was happening in the world outside. Life has been going at this crazy pace, that I’m struggling to keep up.

Working for over 12 hours a day and then coming back to sort things out at home isn’t easy. It had drained me. There were days that I’d cried because it was simply too much for me to deal with. Waking up in the mornings seemed like walking into a nightmare. This went on for a few days. I craved for a break and that break never came because there was always something to do. But this rainy evening was different. I don’t know if it was the weather, the book or the tea or a combination of all three, I felt better. Just a few minutes had raised my dampened spirit.

I needed some order in the chaos of life. It was peace of mind that I was looking for all along. I needed a few moments for doing things that I liked to do, things that I wanted to do and especially for only as long as I wanted to do.  The last part being the one that I want to focus on for a day only has 24 hours. I tried maintaining a schedule but it never works for me because there are too many variables for me to take care of. The chaos continues. Hence finding moments of peace was no longer an alternative. I had to create. Creating moments of peace proactively for myself seems to be my only way to keep my mind sane. I try carving out a few minutes for myself, a few minutes of peace, of solitude to fight the monsters of stress. It is hard, but I try. It is the little things that matter. 

Have you felt the same way before? What do you do when you have crazy work schedules and don’t find time for yourself and doing what you like to do?

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6 responses to “#MondayMusings: Creating moments of peace”

  1. This has been a constant in my life in recent years… unable to carve out time the way I used to, facing too many unknown variables, stresses and things that invariably end up affecting time allotted for just de-stressing.

    I wish I had a quick fix…. for now, I would say focus on carving that time out that you need to just be you and not what everyone demands of you.

  2. Parul Thakur says:

    I have felt this before and it was when I was newly married. Forgive me in advance cos this may sound like an unsolicited advice.

    As a newly wedded woman, I wanted to be the perfect homemaker. I cooked and cleaned and took it upon me to manage things. Until I reached a day when I found out that VT did not even know how to use the purifier. That was the turning point. I knew I was making him dependent on me and I wasn’t being an equal partner in our marriage. I stopped, reflected and brought things in order. Things are now messy but my heart is full, I have time to do what I like and when I am free. I have two helps and I buy things online Saving the time to go to store. Many things changed and like I said, I don’t have a perfect house but I have a good home.

    So take a stock, organize things a bit and all will fall into place!

  3. Oh yes I have. And I have to say that I struggled. What I did was seek help. I asked my husband to pitch in sometimes friends as well. Today, I ask my sons to help out if chores seem overwhelming. It happens. We do so much and sometimes time is just short. I hope that this work schedule eases out for you and you have more breathing room, Reema.

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