Vagari #AtoZChallenge #NaPoWriMo


I always had a plan,

For what I wanted to do.

And lived every moment,

Making sure that I was on track.

But then one day,

Life threw me off track,

Nothing went according to my grand plan.

And then I felt lost,

For I knew not how to live,

Without a plan. 

I’d forgotten how it felt,

To live one day at a time.

The little joys that had come my way,

Passed by me unnoticed.

For I was too busy sticking to the plan,

As life went by.

And as I began to learn to live again,

I realized it is okay,

To take things slow and,

To not have a plan.

It was also okay to have one.

But what wasn’t okay,

Was to not improvise,

Based on what life had to offer. 

It is okay to have a plan in life,

And to stay on track.

But sometimes it is okay,

To just wander through life.

Vagari: to wander, roam

Language : Latin

I’m participating in the A to Z Challenge and the National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) . I’m trying to weave poems around unusual words or words from other languages that are just beautiful.

4 responses to “Vagari #AtoZChallenge #NaPoWriMo”

  1. Pr@Gun says:

    True said sometimes in schedules and plans we forget to enjoy the teeny weeny small happy moments. Thanks for introducing to this new word vagari

  2. Completely agree with the words, Reema. Sometimes it is beautiful to go with the flow.

  3. I learned a new word today! Thank you!!

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