The Weekend #NaPoWriMo

the weekend
Image by Lena Petersson from Pixabay

Struggling to exist,

As each day goes by,

Life on weekdays,

Is lived with longing,

For that always elusive weekend.

Each day is a battle,

Fought with the hope,

That the weekend will soon arrive.

But then comes Friday,

Filled with anticipation and plans,

With wishes for work to be over soon,

For all the fun plans,

To be put in action.

But sadly, reality is different,

For in the blink of an eye,

It is Monday,

Oh weekend, where oh where,

Did you go?

I’m participating in the National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo).

3 responses to “The Weekend #NaPoWriMo”

  1. I think most of us can relate to this Friday and Monday feeling.
    Though I do love Mondays for bringing back my schedule and the anticipation of diving into my writing projects

    Sweet and lyrical, Reema

  2. Jayanthy G says:

    Haha, we all have that feeling, right? Lovely poem Reema. You can put most mundane things into poems neatly.

    Have nominated you for The Mystery Blogger Award. Please check the link to know more.

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