#MondayMusings : Chasing a sunrise

Chasing a sunrise

There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.

Jo Walton

Being an ardent lover of nature, I’ve always been mesmerized by nature and I find myself at peace when surrounded by nature. Sunrises and sunsets have always been special to me. So when the question of waking up early (really early – 3 am to be precise) to go on top of a hill to watch the sunrise was asked, I found myself saying yes though logic told me not to. There were reasons for me to not go, but sometimes I surprise myself and I did this time by saying “Yes”.

They say spontaneous plans work and it did work! Waking up sleepy eyed, with only the enthusiasm of watching the sunrise keeping me awake, I mustered enough courage to be the pillion rider on a Royal Enfield enroute to Nandi Hills located around 60 kms away from Bangalore. Oh the bike ride for such a long distance was a first for me by the way! It doesn’t take a lot for me to freak out and the bike ride was a cause for me to do so. But as the journey continued, with the wind rushing past me and the sky began breaking with the hues of dawn, I began enjoying the experience. 

After jostling for tickets, we walked (almost ran) our way up the hill to catch the sun rising in all its glory. While busy trying to capture the moment on my phone, I tried capturing the moment in my memory for I felt blessed to see the grandeur of nature. It had been a while since I watched the sun rise, and I was glad that I said “Yes” to this little trip. It was worth waking up at 3 am. It was worth all the trouble.

Often in life, we take things for granted and keep thinking that there’s nothing special about our lives. We fail to make use of the opportunities that await us simply because we are always waiting for something big to happen. We find our reasons to say “No” to the little things that life has to offer. It isn’t hard to find reasons to say “No”. There are plenty of reasons always – even genuine ones, logical ones. But sometimes you need to let your heart guide you rather than logic. You never know what the little things that you say “Yes” to can lead you to. 

Life is indeed short to keep saying “No” to everything especially to things that life has to offer us for free! Things may not be going on well for you. But at times, you need to see the sun rise to remind yourself that there is light after darkness, that things can get better if you try giving them a chance. So what are you waiting for? Will you watch a sunrise? When was the last time that you watched the sun rise?

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13 responses to “#MondayMusings : Chasing a sunrise”

  1. Josly says:

    Looks like someone had loads of fun.

  2. Alice Gerard says:

    It has been a while since I’ve watched a sunrise but you’ve definitely motivated me. I will walk to the river in the next few days to see what the sunrise looks like (It is often cloudy here). And, of course, I will bring my camera. A blog post could be forthcoming!

  3. anupriya says:

    Lately I have witnessed many a sunsets, but sunrises, its been a while. You have written a beautiful post.

  4. Obsessivemom says:

    The only problem with the sunrise is the getting up early bit. So the only time I watch it is when the children are getting ready for school. That happens on days I can spare the time to sit in the balcony. Otherwise I made do with sunsets :-).
    But I do love the idea of waking up early and going for a ride in the cool breeze.

    • Yes, I can understand. Even I hadn’t found the time to watch a sunrise all these days mainly because of the waking up early thing. But I wish I could do it more often!

  5. Esha says:

    Beautiful post, Reema! I feel so blessed that I can get to see a sunrise five days a week every single day unless it happens to be a cloudy morning. My daily routine makes it necessary for me to be up at 5 am Monday to Friday and that’s how I get to see night break into dawn and cast its magical spell all around. It is surreal and yet, I always see every new morning with new eyes, as if it were a spectacle! I’m a die-hard nature lover, so that’s no surprise! 😀

  6. I love sunrises and sunsets…I’m fortunate to be able to see it often. I try and go for a morning run outdoors as opposed to the gym once a week so I do catch the sunrise over the ocean and it’s fascinating and awe-inspiring. Lovely post Reema!

  7. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    This is a beautifully written post! I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw the sunrise. I think it may have been nearly 7 years ago in Pondicherry, but it’s time to catch a beautiful sunrise once again!

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