Beautiful mess

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Whenever someone told me,
That I was good at this or that,
I often gave a shy smile,
And hid myself,
And never thought of it ever again,
For that was all I had.
To me it made no difference,
For I was taught,
To never let success,
Get into my head. 
But then there were days,
When things weren't right,
And when someone told me,
That I wasn't good enough,
That there was more bad than good,
Like every other time,
I hid myself,
Like I thought I should. 
It was hard to me get back,
For I had no confidence left.
I was shattered,
Mostly beyond repair.
But I realized,
It was my flaws that made me me.
For one person who,
Told me I was bad,
There were a hundred,
Who said that,
It wasn't so bad.
It is in flaws,
That we sometimes find perfection,
For life is a beautiful mess. 

‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’

Day 6 : Quote prompt – I hear a thousand kind words about me
and it makes no difference
yet I hear one insult
and all confidence shatters. – 
Rupi Kaur

One response to “Beautiful mess”

  1. Esha M Dutta says:

    How true this is, of all of us! I love what you said— flaws make us who we are! We need such reminders all the time, don’t we? I know, I do.

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