#WednesdayVerses : A fresh start

Fresh start

We often begin the journey of today,
Carrying along the burdens of yesterday,
Weighed down by worries of tomorrow,
Not knowing where we want to go!

The mistakes of yesterday,
Hold us back from growing,
The uncertainties of tomorrow,
Haunt us without warning.

Learn from the mistakes of the past,
And let go of things holding you back.
Because some things are better left behind,
Some problems are better dealt only when it is time.

Bid goodbye to the past,
Live for the day that is today.
Wipe off the slate, begin anew,
Make a fresh start everyday!

Welcome to the first #WednesdayVerses prompt in 2019, our thirty first prompt overall. Vinay and I offer you this word prompt each Wednesday to inspire in you a poem. If it does, do write it as a post on your blog and come link up with us. The linky is open from now till next Tuesday night! Please add your post to the link only if it is a post written for #WednesdayVerses.


2 responses to “#WednesdayVerses : A fresh start”

  1. Vinitha says:

    Oh yes, holding on to the mistakes of the past and worrying about the future is what most of us do, forgetting to live today. Well crafted verses, Reema. Happy new year!

  2. Lovely verse Reema; you’re right in that we don’t need to let the past define us but instead, use it to learn and continue living the best life we can

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