Book Review : Bhumi by Tina Sequeira


Title: Bhumi
Author: Tina Sequeira
Genre: Short Story Collection
About the book:
‘Bhumi’ is an ode to womanhood where you will see real women come alive unlike their stereotypical counterparts on celluloid. Read at leisure and pick any chapter as each is a complete story.


My thoughts about the book:
‘Bhumi’ is an interesting collection of 26 short stories which bring out the various aspects or situations of womanhood. Each story stands out as each one narrates a story that brings along a dose of positivity or a feeling of warmth or may cause a tiny tear trickle down your face. Though this is a women-centric book, the fact that the first story in this book has a male protagonist makes you think. This story “Amma” gives a wonderful start to the book.


The stories address various issues that women face in the present day society. The book highlights the fact that though we have progressed as a society, the way the society looks at women still needs improvement. Since the stories narrate the everyday issues that a woman faces, the stories are relatable. The stories deal with issues like body shaming, divorce and the like. Tina’s narration adds a sense of magic to the stories. There are certain stories that bring along a sense of hope and give out the message that women are strong enough to deal with all the problems that they face. A few stories bring out the intricacies of various relationships beautifully.


I loved the simplistic yet effective way the author narrates the stories. There’s something in it for every woman as well as a man.  One more aspect of the book that I really loved was the cover of this book. The cover is a beautiful one and has an aura of elegance to it. If you love reading short stories especially the ones that warm the heart, then this book is a must for you.


The book was published as a part of the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival and is available for free download here. Go get your copy now!


My rating :

2 responses to “Book Review : Bhumi by Tina Sequeira”

  1. Upasna says:

    Thanks for the review Reema. I have downloaded the book n loving the first chapter. Tina weaves beautiful stories.

    • Thank you so much, Reema for this beautiful review of ´Bhumi´. So glad you loved it. I´m going to be taking in all the readers´ feedback and give the book one last revision before it goes live on Amazon. Hugs : )

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