#BookReview : Because someone had to say it by Namratha Varadharajan

because someone had to say it

Title: Because someone had to say it
Author: Namratha Varadharajan
Genre: Poetry Collection
About the book:
This collection of poems is a shout out to those who had immense strength when life dealt them an unfair hand, for those making this world a kinder and greener place to live in and for those not even whispering for themselves. BECAUSE Someone had to say it.


My review: 


For me poetry is a kind of magic. And I definitely adore people who can write good poetry. Namratha’s poetry has that magic! This collection of poems is not just another collection of poems. Along with the lovely verses that this book contains, there is something to learn from each poem.


The author writes poems about social causes that she cares about. Be it issues about the environment or issues regarding women empowerment, crimes against women this book has a poem for each. With the simplicity of words mixed rightly into verses, each poem drives home the message it carries more strongly. There is also information about people working towards addressing the issues mentioned in each poem.


Another aspect of this book that I really appreciate as someone who writes poetry is the fact that the author has experimented with various kinds of poetry. I’ve tried it myself and I know how difficult it is to research about various forms of poetry and then come up with a poem of a certain form. The message of the poem should be intact while also adhering to the rules/rhyme scheme of the form of poetry. The author has mixed the forms of poetry and subjects quite well.


Apart from the few free verses that I felt could have been better, I enjoyed reading this book. It is a poetry lover’s delight.


You can read this book by downloading it for free from here.


My rating: 4/5

4 responses to “#BookReview : Because someone had to say it by Namratha Varadharajan”

  1. Namratha says:

    Thank you so much for the review, Reema. Glad you enjoyed the poems. Do drop in the review in goodreads if possible

  2. looking forward to read the book as your review says It is a poetry lover’s delight.


  3. Your review is so honest and so worth to read, Enjoyed reading the review

  4. INDOEVANO says:

    Even the title of the book is So poetic..wow!!

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