Thank you, Mom!

thank you, mom

You brought me into this world,
Though you knew there would be pain,
And then made me your world,
Giving me all the love that you could.


You found joy when I learned how to talk,
You are the best teacher I’ve ever known.
You held my hands and taught me to walk,
Made me strong enough to stand on my own.


You corrected me when I was wrong,
But you were patient with me when I was at my worst.
It was your support that made me strong,
For you always put my happiness first.


When in sorrow you wiped away my tears,
Though you were sad, you never let me know.
In troubled time you calmed my fears,
Gave me the courage when I needed it the most.


You gave me the best of all that you could,
Even now you encourage me when I feel low.
Every difficult moment beside me you stood,
To you my success I owe.


I’m sorry for every time that I hurt you,
For all the pain I’ve put you through.
For all that you’ve done for me till now,
Thank you Mom!


Happy Mother’s Day! πŸ™‚
Here’s another poem about a Mother’s love that I wrote. Click here to read it.

21 responses to “Thank you, Mom!”

  1. Alice Gerard says:

    I really enjoyed the poem. I hope that your mom does, too! Happy Mothers Day!

  2. Suzy says:

    A lovely poem for your mom. Touched my heart.

  3. BellyBytes says:

    What a lovely poem for your mum .

  4. Rachna says:

    Very sweet, Reema. I am sure your mum would love it.

  5. Reema, this poem is pure devotion to your Maa for all the happiness she gave to you. A gift of purity!

  6. Zainab says:

    Aren’t moms the greatest?
    Such lovely line Reema!

  7. Eklavya says:


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  8. So lovely, so genuine. Your mom is lucky to have you as much as you are lucky to have such a strong woman in your life.

  9. Mom is god’s gift

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