I miss you!

I miss you

Looking back at the way life has been,
If there’s a part that I could change,
It would be without doubt,
The part where you left.


Sorrow fills my heart even to this day,
Tears haven’t still dried away.
Your pain though did cease,
Left us with pain that will never ease.


The time that I could spend with you was less,
Some of which I don’t remember.
Why did life have to be such a mess,
Why couldn’t you be with me longer?


I think about the memories that come to mind,
It is in those, solace I find.
But with time, they seem to fade away,
Though I try to hold on to them come what may.


Though you’ve gone away,
I know you are watching me.
And I often wonder if you are happy and proud,
Of the person I’ve become.


Why did life have to be so unfair?
For the pain is still hard to bear.
I try to be strong, but my eyes still well with tears,
For I miss you, Dad, every single day!


This poem is dedicated to my dear Dad whom I lost on this day 16 years ago. Every year I write a poem for him on this day for it was he who inspired me to write. And somehow poetry gives me a little strength to bear the pain.

7 responses to “I miss you!”

  1. Obsessivemom says:

    Hugs Reema, I cannot even begin to imagine how hard this must be. I’m glad you’re doing this for him.

  2. Rajlakshmi says:

    Oh this is so heartbreaking. Hugs Reema. I am sorry for your loss.

  3. Hugs, Reema. I’m sure he is proud of you.

  4. Hugs Reema, your poem communicates it all.. I can truly empathise with your feelings as i lost my father after a prolonged ailment a couple of years back …

  5. Hugs, Reema. I can’t begin to imagine what losing a parent at a young age must feel like.

  6. A gut wrenching and beautiful eulogy to your Dad touching every piece or missing dots on the soul.

  7. Aditi says:

    Hugs, my love! This is heartening. But your Dad must be so very proud of you and he’ll always be in your heart! xx

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