#AtoZChallenge : Ughten


The darkness of the night doesn’t let me sleep. The light of the day makes me weep. I toss and turn on my bed yet again. This has become my routine for some time now for sleep eludes me. I know life can never be always easy, but I also thought that it wouldn’t be always difficult. Reality seems harsh to deal with, but all my dreams are now only nightmares.


It is surprising how life turns around in a few moments. Things that seemed okay or even things that seemed perfectly alright without the chance of getting worse are now in a mess. It seems like a chain reaction – one thing leads to another and things seem to go only one way – down! It is easy to hide your tears behind your smile in front of strangers. But when you are alone, you need to cry your heart out. I’d cried and now tears seemed to have dried. I wasn’t the one who would give up for I was often the one telling others not to give up hope, that things would be alright. Now, all those words began to sound hollow to me. My strength to fails me. Hope seems to die with no chance of revival.


As I gaze in the distance, I can see the changing colours of the sky. Night making way for the day. Darkness making way for the light. As the sky is painted in a riot of colours that makes for a lovely sight, the hope dying within me seems to have found a reason to live. I’ve found answers to a lot of questions in nature and maybe nature is telling me something this time too. Maybe this is a sign, an answer. I shouldn’t give up. Maybe I should keep faith. The night is darkest just before dawn. Maybe this is just the ughten. Light shall soon follow.


Ughten : The part of the night immediately before early morning.
Origin : Scandinavian and German


I’m participating in the A to Z Challenge again this year. This is my third time participating in the challenge. I’m going with the theme of  “Rare, unusual and beautiful words from various languages”

3 responses to “#AtoZChallenge : Ughten”

  1. Ah yes life tuns around a moment, just the way, the day turns around. What a lovely word, thouh figuring out the right pronunciation

  2. Ughten! What an ugly word for such a beautiful time of day! Thank you for sharing. I have LOVED reading your posts! U is for Understanding why the theme, Improve your life, Improve your mind.

  3. I agree with Shirley above. Such an ugly word for such a beautiful time of day!

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