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The chatter of the birds wakes me up and I try to open my eyes as the rays of the morning sun greet me. The smell of the freshly bloomed jasmine wafts in the air with the cool morning breeze that brings with it the goodness of a new day. Today feels like a good day, like everyday should be. I get out of my bed feeling grateful for all the things that I have. I hum my favourite song as I begin another day full of promise. There’s a thing about a morning begun well – it sets the tone for the rest of the day.


But I remember that not all mornings have begun well. There have been ones with utter chaos. There have been days when sleep eluded me, yet I longed to stay in bed all day long for fear of the reality that I had to face. I had no reason to wake up. I had nothing to look forward to. Life seemed like a burden to hard to carry. I’d lost everything that was dear to me. I had lost everything or so I’d  thought.


It is difficult when life takes away from you the ones you love or the things you love because life finds its meaning in love. Life lived without a reason is meaningless. I knew I had lost my meaning in life for it seemed empty. But while I did this, what I didn’t realize was that it was I who had to add meaning to my life. All those days spent in self pity were nothing but a waste. I knew I needed some time, but I later realized that I didn’t have forever.


Ever so slowly realization began to dawn. I’d lost something very dear to me and it hurt because it would, because it was love. But I hadn’t lost everything for I had my life, my talents and abilities. When I took up this journey of discovering new places, of seeing the world, I never really thought that it would become a journey of self discovery. I started because I wanted an escape. I never realized what I really had until I met people who didn’t have a lot of what I had.


As I sit by the window, sipping on some tea while I begin to write another story to bring a smile on someone’s face, I know I’ve found my reason to live. When I’d lost the reason to live earlier, I hadn’t realized there were still reasons to live. Though memories linger, life moves on. Though sorrows haunt and tears fall, there is always a reason to be grateful for. Reasons for living your being may change, but there’s always a reason. You just have to find one and you will find one if you search.


Have you found your reason?


I’ve found my ikigai!


Ikigai : a reason for being ; a reason to wake up every morning
Language : Japanese 


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I’m participating in the A to Z Challenge again this year. This is my third time participating in the challenge. I’m going with the theme of  “Rare, unusual and beautiful words from various languages” .

14 responses to “#AtoZChallenge : Ikigai”

  1. pythoroshan says:

    Never heard of the word before but totally see myself in this post. And i can’t say for sure whether I’ve found my ikigai yet… For now, that would be surviving long enough to see both Avengers movies! We’ll take it from there.

  2. pratikshya2 says:

    I haven’t found mine… And nothing is long lasting for me….
    This word has so much importance in Japanese culture. People are advised and encouraged to dive deep and find their purpose of being. They say this is the reason behind the longevity of the Japanese… They have found their meaning in life and are happy essentially…. No wonder most of the above hundred age group people are from Japan..

  3. Mahak says:

    It may sound cliche, but I found my ikigai when my baby was born. I felt like a lost soul for many years, but now I have a purpose and direction.

  4. Jayanthi says:

    Hopefully yes! 🙂 Lovely post as always…

  5. Balaka says:

    I guess I have also found my ikigai. I am just loving your unique series Reema.

  6. subzeroricha says:

    I remember Aditi Kaushiva’s A To Z series – which was themed around same 🙂 And that is such a beautiful word – Ikigai <3 My Ikigai would be community …

  7. Tarang says:

    Thank you for this new word with a beautiful meaning. It’s true, no matter what, we find our reasons to live; to live well.

    You describe the meanings beautifully. I really like the way you give it a fictional touch. 🙂

  8. What would my Ikigai be??? I wonder…. MAybe its family

  9. Ikigai – sounds so floral and sublime 🙂

    My ikigai would first be my quest for life and second be the man I love.

  10. Varad says:

    Ikigai is such a beautiful word. Yes, I have found mine. Excellent post, Reema.

  11. Natasha says:

    Grateful to have found my Ikigai in my writing, in my family and in my pets. That’s such a beautifully written post Reema. Loved it.


    April Anecdotes

  12. Deepa says:

    Ikigai – a reason for being. Such a sweet word. I hope we all know why we are doing what we are doing. Thought provoking post.

  13. I lost love. But I have my life, my capabilities…. this line struck me like lightening. Some years back (i guess almost 15 years back) the sole reason I survived a heart break was that I had to prove to the world that I was more than my heart. Loved your post.

  14. Vidya Sury says:

    Lovely post describing your progression to your Ikigai, Reema. Soumya just told me you’d chosen the same word and I was eager to read your post. Enjoyed it so much!

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