#WednesdayVerses : Words are all I have

words are all I have

The chain of thoughts in my head,
Sometimes do not find a voice.
Some things are better left unsaid,
Leaving me with no choice.
But I can’t keep them within,
I’ve to let it all out.
In words I find solace,
Words are all I have.


In poetry I often seek comfort,
Both in happiness and in sorrow.
For there’s a feeling of satisfaction,
When I let the words pour.
I put out a bit of me,
In every word I write.
Judge me for it or love me,
But words are all I have.


In troubled times, I can offer,
A hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on.
But there will be times when I can’t be there,
When all I can offer will be words of comfort.
With every word I write,
I hope that I made something right.
Riches of the world or superpowers I have none,
Words are all I have.


Will you then love me,
For who I am?
With all the broken pieces of me,
That I string into lines of poetry.
I’ll give all the love I can,
I’ll be there with my words even when I’m gone.
There’s nothing more that I’ve to offer,
Words are all I have.




As a part of our resolution to write more poetry in 2018, Vinay and I have started this weekly prompt which we’ve decided to call as Wednesday Verses. Each Wednesday, we’ll be writing a poem based on the prompt of the week, and sharing a linky. We invite you all to join us with your own poems on the prompt. Write on your blogs, and link up with #WednesdayVerses. Please add your post links to the linky only if you have written for the prompt. We are happy to have you rhyme with us.

Prompt #11 is “Words

It is World Poetry Day today! Happy World Poetry Day. Let’s celebrate it with more poems.

8 responses to “#WednesdayVerses : Words are all I have”

  1. Shirley Corder says:

    Lovely verse. Thank you!
    Thankful Thursday Week 11 and Rescue a Post

  2. Obsessivemom says:

    How beautiful. Sometimes words are all we have. And it’s true that each time we put out a bit of writing we’re putting out a little of ourselves.

  3. Vidya Sury says:

    ” I’ll be there with my words even when I’m gone.”
    Beautifully said! <3

  4. Lovely verses…sometimes, all we have are words and they can be extremely powerful

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