#WednesdayVerses : Those summer days


On a summer morning,
While I hurry to ensure that I’m not late,
There come back memories without warning,
Of those summer days, when life was great.


Remember those days, when exams were over,
And we treated ourselves to ice-creams and candies,
While making plans to pack bags and go over,
To grandma’s place to have the time of our lives?


Do you remember all those silly games we played,
The trees we climbed,
Or those books we read under the shade,
And our escapes to the forbidden places that were well timed?


Do you remember those summer days,
When after eating the delicious food that grandma made,
How we’d fall asleep always,
Though we always had plans about the games to be played?


Those rare summer days when to the beach we’d run,
Splashing water on each other, as the waves hit the shore,
Or building castles under the light of the setting sun,
And the sea shells, that we’d collect and keep score!


And how we’d dance in the first rain of the summer,
Without a worry or a care!
But we’d left with sorrow at the end of summer,
For we had to go back home and it didn’t seem fair!


Like the cool breeze that soothes on hot summer days,
These memories put my mind at ease.
I wish I could go back to those summer days,
To relive moments like these!



As a part of our resolution to write more poetry in 2018, Vinay and I have started this weekly prompt which we’ve decided to call as Wednesday Verses. Each Wednesday, we’ll be writing a poem based on the prompt of the week, and sharing a linky. We invite you all to join us with your own poems on the prompt. Write on your blogs, and link up with #WednesdayVerses. Please add your post links to the linky only if you have written for the prompt. We are happy to have you rhyme with us.

Prompt #12 is “Summer

Time to beat the heat with some poetry 🙂

6 responses to “#WednesdayVerses : Those summer days”

  1. Natasha says:

    Took me back to my summer days. Thank you Reema.

  2. Rajlakshmi says:

    I used to dance in the rain too, and yeah all those treats after exams were a delight and something to look forward to. Loved this nostalgic write.

  3. Beautiful!
    I grew up in a hill station so mu memories are with Winters but you know what, the underlying feelings are the same.
    This was so fresh just like summer 🙂

  4. We all have memories of the various seasons, no matter where in the world we live – part of what unites us as humans. For so many of us, with no school in the summer, the memories are of freedom. Many of mine revolve around summer camps, both day and sleepaway.

  5. My best memories of growing up in summer was mangoes and the freedom of the holidays! Nicely penned Reema…lots of descriptive memories

  6. Remembered those lovely summer days! Best ever childhood memories!

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