#WednesdayVerses : Sometimes


Like the grains of sand in my hand,
Memories fall down while I try to hold them close.
Sometimes I wish I could turn back time,
To the days I chose.


There are days when I put myself together,
With a broad smile on my face.
But sometimes, memories haunt and tears fall,
As I crave for the warmth of your embrace.


I know that I am strong to face life,
Sometimes though in moments of weakness,
I miss the sound of your voice saying,
That it is going to be okay.


Days go by and times passes by,
I live through it all with a smile.
But sometimes, I promise, only sometimes,
I can’t hold back the tears that fall.


I know that sometimes,
Things don’t go the way I want them to.
But if I could make things go my way,
Then every time I’d never let you go away!




As a part of our resolution to write more poetry in 2018, Vinay and I have started this weekly prompt which we’ve decided to call as Wednesday Verses. Each Wednesday, we’ll be writing a poem based on the prompt of the week, and sharing a linky. We invite you all to join us with your own poems on the prompt. Write on your blogs, and link up with #WednesdayVerses. Please add your post links to the linky only if you have written for the prompt. We are happy to have you rhyme with us.

Prompt #10 is “Sometimes

18 responses to “#WednesdayVerses : Sometimes”

  1. Alana says:

    Sad longing for someone gone away- fits my mood right now-I used to enjoy trickling sand through my fingers.

  2. Vinitha says:

    Poignant! Those verses resonated with me, Reema! Sometimes, how I wish! You are poems are simply beautiful.

  3. Zainab says:

    You are really so talented. It’s been ages since I wrote any poems. And you have been writing for week. Lovely as always!

  4. The longing and the regret comes through very nicely in this poem.

  5. sanaarizvi says:

    Sigh… this is beautifully evocative!

  6. shellymona says:

    A longing for lost love is nicely expressed in this poem! Lovely!

  7. This is beautiful, Reema. I love the use of rhymes here.

    Sorry, but I’ll have to skip it this time as I got busy with my travel for the weekend. I’ll be back in April and I promise to be a part of this from then.

  8. Shilpa Gupte says:

    You are so good at poetry, Reema! Stringing together words that express the precise emotions and resonate with the reader is an art! How I too wish I could hold on to some memories, and in fact, bring them back to the present!

  9. ʞɐ says:

    Poignant. Yet, this is beautifully penned.

    I had no idea there was a weekly prompt, I too shall join in. Only this writer’s block cloud passes over, I sure will join in.

    Keep writing. 🙂

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