Why do you need some “me” time?

me time

We live in a busy world. There are milestones to reach and deadlines to meet. The list of things to do never ends. Our lives have become a journey from one task to another with the end result being that we are not happy most of the times. It is like like a never ending commute from one place to the other with no time whatsoever to spend at a place. Often we do things because we are supposed to do mostly driven by our basic necessities. But in the never ending list of things to do, we often forget to include one of the basic necessities – not food, clothing or shelter – but some time for ourselves.

I’m not the one who usually uses a planner to plan my day or week or month because most of my planning happens on the go. But this time since I received a beautiful planner as a gift on my birthday, I decided to use it. When I opened it up to March, there was this beautiful illustration with the title “You Time” . It made me sit back and think how much time I was really spending on doing things that matter the most to me, doing things that I want to do because I enjoyed doing them. The more I though about it, the more I realized that I’ve been living life like a machine most of the times. My life has a set routine which is hard to break. But while rushing from doing one thing to the next, I wondered if I was really living life or just going about doing things.

But is some “me time” really necessary?

It definitely is!


Giving some time to yourself is the best gift that you can give yourself. Spending time relaxing and doing things you love will only boost your mood and make you feel better. A happier you means a healthier you! There have been times when I’ve been sad/angry/annoyed. But giving myself and doing something that I love has helped me. It could be reading a book, writing what you feel, playing a sport or going for a run, playing an instrument or anything that brings a smile on your face. And if you don’t know what is that something that makes you feel happy, then relax and take a deep breath.

There will always be problems to deal with, deadlines to meet and milestones to reach. But that cannot happen without you! Factoring in some me time is the best way to deal with drudgery of a daily routine. And how do you fine time in your busy schedule for some you time? Simple! Set aside a few minutes everyday when you plan your day. Make it a part of your routine.

What are you waiting for? Go give yourself some time. You most definitely need it.

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me time

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9 responses to “Why do you need some “me” time?”

  1. Rajlakshmi says:

    I have a Pause journal which is similar to the idea of You time. But I haven’t written anything in there yet. I should have. Me time is indeed important to maintain our sanity, to feel like ourselves again, else the deadlines and drudgery of life would start defining what kind of person we turn into.

  2. Vinitha says:

    “Our lives have become a journey from one task to another” Absolutely agree with you, Reema. Me time is much needed for all of us and we should most definitely permit us to have some time to enjoy what we like without feeling guilty. I am learning to do so, not better, work in progress. Good post, Reema.

  3. Shalzmojo says:

    Me time is one of my greatest demands in my life from myself- I have given up on a hectic work schedule and lifestyle for precisely this reason. I realised how much me-time I need and have been focusing on that largely in my life at the moment! I hope you are able to declutter your life to get some of that in as well.

  4. Shilpa Gupte says:

    It is definitely important giving yourself time when you shut the world out and just focus on yourself and the activity you enjoy. For me, I love going for walks by myself, or reading a book or drawing. I become oblivious to the world and to all the distractions and simply love that time I spend with myself.

  5. Shalini says:

    Alicia’s planner is so pretty, isn’t it? I absolutely love it. Yes, Reema. Me time is absolutely necessary. I am also guilty of not giving enough time for myself but since the time ‘Muffy’ entered my life, I am just so happy and relaxed.

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