#WednesdayVerses : Shadows and light

shadows and light

In darkness you are ill at ease,
Yet in it you seek comfort.
Though the demons of dark,
Torment you through the night,
Your afraid of what you’ll see,
When there is light.


You stay where you are,
For you are afraid,
To walk towards the light.
For then you find yourself surrounded,
By the shadow of self-doubt,
Which scares you more than the darkest night!


You are afraid of how the world sees you,
When you are in the light.
You are worried of what people will say,
About the imperfections that you’ve embraced.
You find yourself safe in the dark,
For no one but you will judge you for who you are.


But how long will you stay in the dark,
Afraid of seeing the light?
The shadows of doubt will lurk,
But you’ve to learn not to see them.
Keep your face towards the sunshine,
And you cannot see a shadow!




Inspired by Helen Keller’s quote.
“Keep you face towards the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow”



#WednesdayVersesAs part of our resolution to write more poetry in 2018, Vinay and I have started this weekly prompt which we’ve decided to call as Wednesday Verses. Each Wednesday, we’ll be writing a poem based on the prompt of the week, and sharing a linky. We invite you all to join us with your own poems on the prompt. Write on your blogs, and link up with #WednesdayVerses. Please add your post links to the linky only if you have written for the prompt. We are happy to have you rhyme with us.

Prompt #6 is “Shadow”

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  1. I read the first stanza again … The lines have quite an impact. Facing fears need courage but as they say – dar k baad jeet hai