#MondayMusings : Of plans and not having them


Last Wednesday, when I was told that Thursday would be holiday due to Karnataka bandh, I kept wondering what would I do for 4 days as Friday was Republic Day and then there was the weekend. I had no plans. Not that I hadn’t tried making any. Since I already knew that it would be long weekend, there was a plan made with friends at work for a trip, but that plan was cancelled before we could even start discussing where we would go! I was sad but I told myself that I could manage for 3 days, but 4 days was sounded a little difficult to handle! But now when Monday is here, I’m feeling bad that those 4 days are over!

So what did I do?

I read. I read a lot. I picked up two books on the birthdays of the authors and finished them both. Read a few pages of two more books as well. I read a lot of blogposts and articles. Reading never makes me feel bored. Though I’m somone who likes to read and can read all day, I’m also someone who likes to go out! So off to a movie I went (Mind you, I can count on my fingers the number of times I’ve gone for a movie!). I took up a course and did some of the coursework. All this apart from the usual things I do on a weekend. I got my 8 full hours of sleep on all the days. All this may seem to be ordinary, just a bunch of ways somone spent the holidays in a not-so-interesting way, but this made me realize something.

It is okay when plans don’t work the way you want them to. It is okay when plans fail. It is okay when plans don’t materialize and most importantly sometimes, it is okay not to have a plan at all. You can choose to spend time feeling bad about not having any plans or about failed plans. But you can choose to spend that same time doing something that you love or doing something totally unplanned. It is good to surprise yourself. You never know what you are capable of! Enjoy your own company. There are so many cool things that you can do and there is so little time! Make every moment count!

And while you are busy spending your time having the time of your life (yes, because every moment comes just once in your life!) , life has its own way of throwing pleasant surprises at you! My main concern on the bundh day was food as my PG doesn’t serve lunch on weekdays. No Swiggy or other delivery services due to the bandh. Imagine how happy I was when my friend brought me some food- Fish Thali to be precise : D

Live in the moment. It is good to have plans but it also good not obsessing over them. If everything went according to a plan, there would be no surprises, there would be nothing new!


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Missed writing my Monday Musings last week as I fell sick last Sunday evening and Monday was a very hectic day!

9 responses to “#MondayMusings : Of plans and not having them”

  1. Suzy says:

    There is one thing I have learned from life is that life never goes according to plan. Best to go with the flow. Looks like you had a busy few days.

  2. Live in the moment and be aware is the most important gift that we can give to ourselves, marvelling in the beauty of life. So well said! I am looking forward to catch both padmaavat and Padman this week.

  3. Parul Thakur says:

    Oh I was in the same boat as yours. I loved being at home for 4 days – though we had a work from home on Thursday, so it went working but the rest three days were so relaxing. I made fish curry, slept, watched movies on TV, read and just had a good time at home. Exactly how you are feeling, I want to go back to last week’s Thursday πŸ˜‰

  4. 4 days to relax? Honestly, I’d go crazy! I need to be busy. But then again, you spent it reading so I should be able to do that too, I guess. We went to Goa for these 4 days and loved every bit of it. We relaxed, shopped and ate a lot. Also, I couldn’t wait to come back and get caught up with the daily routine. I need to be busy, so I guess I’m one weird soul.

    Also, fish thali? Call me next time someone gets you one, will ya? πŸ˜‰

  5. Smiling, because the impulse to plan is so deeply embedded in this heart that in order not to plan . . .I would have to plan ahead. Thank you for your excellent thoughts on the unplanned day.

  6. You had a busy 4 day break although it was unplanned. It feels good when once in a while we get a surprise holiday and with book lovers the first thought is – “I have all the time in the world to read now.” I would have thought like that but surprise holidays, normal holidays or no holidays, here the life goes on as usual.Thursday to Saturday were busy but not hectic and so I deliberately planned to do nothing on Sunday. Realization right now – plans are not only for doing, they can also be for not doing πŸ˜€

  7. Rajlakshmi says:

    That sounds like a relaxing weekend. We too had long weekend and except one day, like you I too just read a lot and made artworks. It’s fun to do things you love

  8. Rachna says:

    I spent 4 days relaxing. Read a bit, watched something over the net, cooked quite a bit and overall had a chilled out time.

  9. writershilpa says:

    True, Reema..Plans do have this uncanny habit of going awry..So, make a plan B and then enjoy the surprise journey! πŸ™‚

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