#BookReview : Coffee and Ordinary Life by Mitali Meelan

Coffee and Ordinary Life

Title: Coffee and Ordinary Life
Author : Mitali Meelan
Genre : Poetry Collection
Format : Ebook (Kindle edition)
About the book :
A collection of simple, heartfelt and inspiring poetry, conversations and musings that celebrate ordinary life with all its imperfections, sorrows and little joys. It explores the themes of love, life, grief, depression, self-actualization and personal growth through the lens of an introvert who uses writing as a preferred way of communicating with mankind. The vignettes are divided into sections of loving, losing, hurting, surviving, conquering, on living today and on writing.


My review :
Poetry has always been close to me. As much as I love writing poems, I love reading them too. Hence when the author approached me for reviewing this book, I couldn’t refuse and I wasn’t disappointed.


Titled Coffee and Ordinary Life because the author feels coffee is the perfect companion to everything, this book has poems inspired from daily life. The book is divided into seven sections : On Writing, On Loving, On Losing, On Hurting, On Surviving, On Conquering and On Living Today. Each section has a few poems and each poem is beautiful in its own right. The poems are varied be it in subject or the length, have a pull that draws you to read them again. Yes, some poems are just brilliantly beautiful. There are few poems in which a lot of spoken in just a few words. Dealing with emotions of different kinds, you will find that you can relate to the poems. Some times there is a message that is hard to miss and that requires to think about it a little more.


“I plucked my cheery battles,
tasted the wounds,
hoarded the emotions,
poured them
into a pot of metaphors
and brewed cups of
bittersweet vignettes.
This is my kind of coffee


That’s how the book begins!


I was hooked by this and I enjoyed reading this collection of poems. This is a book that you can read any time. It is a light and short read which you can finish at one sitting or you can also choose to savour one poem at a time. If you love poetry, you must read this book.


My rating : 4/5

2 responses to “#BookReview : Coffee and Ordinary Life by Mitali Meelan”

  1. What an interesting poem you gave us to ponder over !I am hooked by this review even though I am not a poetry person !

  2. Life is imperfect and it is these imperfections that it reflects various hues or else it would have been plain black and white. A sensitive soul no wonder then breaks into lyrical expressions about life.
    Sounds interesting!

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