What is your gift to yourself? #PoetryPositive #BlogChatterProjects


Christmas is almost here! A season of joy and celebration, a season of spreading smiles and good cheer. It is a season for giving and receiving gifts. A lot of us are already someone’s Secret Santa and have already brought a smile on someone’s face or are going to soon. But tell me, have you ever given a gift to yourself? From you, to you? Have you given a gift to yourself? Have your tried to be the reason for yourself?


When I speak of gifts here, I do not speak of physical gifts only. Have you done something to make yourself happy? I did something for myself. My gift to myself is my poetry. As I mentioned earlier, I started writing to put out my pain. But later I started writing to help me overcome the pain. Trust me, telling yourself that things will be better helps. You are what you believe you are, what you tell yourself you are. I started writing positive poems to tell myself that nothing lasts forever. The problems, I’ll overcome. The pain, I’ll deal with.


There was one day when I was really feeling low. Things weren’t going my way. I tried reading a book to take my mind away from it, but I couldn’t. I tried taking a walk to clear my mind but even that didn’t help. But then I started reading a few of the poems that I wrote and that helped me. Hence I’m on a mission to spread positivity through poetry. I want to bring together words that will make someone feel better, that will bring a smile on someone’s face. That is the kind of poetry I want to write! This December, I’m doing a project to bring about more positivity in poetry. You can join me by writing and sharing poems that speak about any positive emotion, add the hashtag #PoetryPositive and tag me if you can! Simple as that! You’ll join me, won’t you? Even if you’ve never written poetry before, give it a try. Write a few lines that will make you smile if you read it! Who knows someday when someone else reads it, your words will bring a smile on someone’s face! So tell me, what is your gift to yourself? And will you join me in bringing some smiles?




As promised, I’m sharing one of my favourites from last week.

Not winter, not snow can shake my goal alone With breezy mornings, awoke I, opportunities I will not deny I’m a go getter soul with ‘yes we can’, glow Making each day better with will that you cannot shatter I am my own motivation despite all your disruption I am my own trust fall forever, standing tall . . . Stay motivated, stay pumped! Because, you are your own hero, you will always have your back! . . . . For more, — #thescribblingowl . . #poetscommunity #poetsofinstagram #writingcommunity #writingistherapy #tpmd #decemberpoetry #positivevibes #poetrypositive #motivateyourself #motivationalquotes #stayalive #stayfocussed #UntwineMe #untwineindia #indianwriters #womenwriters #dancewithkoala52 #words_with_queens #wordsofwisdom #mywordsofwisdom #wordstoliveby #bymepoetryasia #artlixirpoetry #herheartpoetry #thescribblingowl

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3 responses to “What is your gift to yourself? #PoetryPositive #BlogChatterProjects”

  1. Ojaswi says:

    This has been great so far!
    Working on positivity and yes, it is a gift worth giving the Christmas! Thank you Reema for the feature here

  2. your info is quite helpful to forever. Amazing write-up,Great article.Keep it up and thanks to the writer.


  3. TechFlax says:

    I gifted myself by a day outing near Bangalore. Bcz have done a project within 24 hours. So ☺️☺️

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