#BookReview : Glitter and Gloss by Vibha Batra

glitter and gloss

Title: Glitter and Gloss
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Publisher: Bloomsburry
Authors: Vibha Batra
Format : Paperback , Kindle version


The plot:
Misha is a twenty something independent girl who works as a make up artist in a MAC store. Like most twenty somethings she’s trying to figure out her life which is messed up mostly thanks to her self esteem issues. While on one of her makeup assignments, she bumps into Akshay whom she mistakes for a model or the poor victim whom she tries to rescue. Its only after the end of what was supposed to be her rescue mission, she realizes that Akshay is a hotshot businessman who also happens to be the sponsor of the show that Misha is working on. Misha who is already smitten by him finds herself in an awkward situation after knowing who he is. They keep bumping into each other and it takes a while for Misha to realize that Akshay is in love with her! But will it be the happily ever after that we always hope for?


There’s Akshay’s hard to please sanskaari Didi to please who with all the not so sanskaari baggage that Misha seems to carry will oppose them. Will Misha impress her despite the odds being stacked against her? Will Misha and Akshay make despite all the obstacles that they have to face?


My review :
I knew that Glitter and Gloss would be an interesting reading the moment I read the acknowledgments! Yes, it may sound weird but I loved how the author crafted the acknowledgments along with makeup products! This was a book that I enjoyed reading for the witty and hilarious narration. The first meeting is between the lead characters is nothing that you’d imagine it to be. I loved the characters in the book, not just the Misha and Akshay but the other characters who make the story enjoyable. There’s Misha’s best friend Poulomi, who according to me is the kind of friend each one of us should have. Misha’s roommate Sammy is a kind hearted soul who deals with most of Misha’s mishaps! Misha’s mom too isn’t the typical mom.


The story is fast paced and it won’t take long to finish reading this book. The language is simple to understand. The book’s has a lot of Hindi lines too but that seems to add to the interest factor of the book. It makes the book a funny read!


Overall, I enjoyed reading this book for the story, the characters and for the author’s unconventional writing style. If you are in the mood for reading a romantic comedy, I’d definitely recommend Glitter and Gloss!


My rating : 4/5

4 responses to “#BookReview : Glitter and Gloss by Vibha Batra”

  1. writershilpa says:

    There are times when I crave romance…in my books, I mean, so, I might give it a try! It does seem to be a decent read from your review, Reema. 🙂 I just hope it isn’t another teeny-romance, but something mature.

  2. Esha M Dutta says:

    Though its not my kind of genre, but if I ever were to pick up a rom-com, I know now where to go! Thanks for that honest review, Reema.

  3. BellyBytes says:

    Ok I’ll go for this over the weekend….

  4. Acknowledgments along with makeup products? I don’t pick up Indian authors, but this has me thinking 🙂

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