Book Review : Beyond Secrets by Alka Dimri Saklani

beyond secrets

Title: Beyond Secrets
Genre: Fiction
Format : Kindle
Author: Alka Dimri Saklani
Beyond Secrets revolves around the lives of Noel and Nidhi.


Noel is a young freelance counseller who wants to volunteer in an orphanage against the wishes of his Dad who wants him to join his business like Noel’s twin – Sam. Sam! Noel always keeps wondering how different they are from each other though they are twins and envies him. Noel’s parents give in to his wishes and he is sets of to Aashiyana, an orphanage to volunteer there. But when Noel arrives there, there is a strange sense of deja vu. The place seems familiar to him and he feels like he knows everything about the place. But what he can’t seem to understand is why is it so!


Nidhi craves for freedom, for love and for a normal life though on the outside she appears like someone who is cold and insensitive. She is an engineering student on the verge of completing her studies and in order to run away from the demons of the past, she decides to go away from a house she can now barely call a home for her training while also choosing to volunteer at Aashiyana.


While getting used to life at Aashiyana, Noel and Nidhi both have questions of their own for which they search for answers. There are secrets that when discovered can leave them shattered. Sometimes only after you find answers you realize that you would have been better off not knowing the truth.


The story moves steadily. Written in the first person, you can’t help but connect with the emotions that the characters undergo. The characterization is good as its realistic. What I liked was how the characters like the kids of the orphanage also add to the story. I liked the way the story unfolds with all the twists and turns. Its not the usual boy meets girl and fall in love kind of story. This is a journey of self discovery, of finding one’s identity and a lot emotions. With its simple narration, this is a quick read.


There are a few parts in the story which seemed a little redundant and hence I lost me interest in those few parts. What put me off about the book was the language. Though the storyline is good, the editing could have been better.  The end seemed a little abrupt


There are so many emotions that the book lets you discover – of abandonment, of loneliness and confusion.  Overall I liked the book for the message it conveyed. It makes you realize that though everything in life is not okay, we still have a lot of blessings to count.


My rating: 3/5 .


I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

9 responses to “Book Review : Beyond Secrets by Alka Dimri Saklani”

  1. Interesting story line. I’m wondering how the language was though?

  2. Parul Thakur says:

    Interesting story but what is it with authors who don’t put effort in editing? Thanks for the honest review.

  3. Rajlakshmi says:

    Yeah a lot of books miss good editing. Love your honest review.

  4. Esha M Dutta says:

    I like the honest review you posted, Reema. It is surprising how writers often overlook the importance of editing and refining the language. Good writing, I believe is all about thorough editing, that comes from the rigours of practice.

  5. vinodinii says:

    Despite a good plot, bad editing can be such a put off. Thanks for the honest review.

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