#MondayMusings : Of sunshine and rain

sunshine and rain

“It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow”


I’ve read this quote a lot of times and in bad times it has proven to be a sort of inspiration for me. But what if its continues to keep raining? There will be no rainbow for sure. If there’s one thing that is certain, then only rain would result in chaos. Wondering what I’m speaking about? Keep guessing but there are no prizes for the right answer!


It is the Bangalore rains which don’t seem to stop this year and how I hate the rains now. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against rains but I’m against too much rain as is the current scenario now. In fact, I’m a pluviophile. I love rains because of the freshness it brings. I love the petrichor. The rains for me are a perfect time to read in bed, wrapped in my blanket with a cup of hot tea. But nothing as such happens. Mornings are cold, afternoons are sunny, evenings and nights are rainy! No, not a slight drizzle but heavy downpour. All this results in getting stuck at office because its pouring cats and dogs and even an umbrella isn’t enough to protect you from the rain, not to mention the unavailability of cabs and autos and not to mention the traffic woes. This leads to reaching late to PG and the dinner is over and I’m super hungry! In search of something to eat, more time is lost which means less time for reading and writing. That makes my schedule go for a toss and my mood bad! Oh did I forget to mention that on weekends especially on the ones when I put out my washed clothes to dry, it rains all day.


No, this post is not just about the troubles I face because of the rain. There are people who are facing many more difficulties than I am. Some have lost their lives as well. But all I ask is why? Nature has its own ways. But while we blame the weather for spoiling our plans, do we not realize that we are in some way responsible for this change in the weather? It didn’t rain well in the beginning of monsoons when we were praying for rains and now we are praying for them to stop. But rather than just praying, can we not do a little to help ourselves? Simple things like not throwing garbage in the wrong places would definitely help. We have to help ourselves.


When there is no sunshine and no rain, there may not be a rainbow. But there’s always an opportunity to grow. We may be facing the storms of life with no signs of the storm calming down and no signs of sunshine. But sometimes, sunshine or rain we just have to keep moving on, growing as we move. Thus helping ourselves rather than blaming the weather, the circumstances or anything for that matter. Sunshine and rain cannot just make a rainbow, it can do a lot more. It can also make life grow.

11 responses to “#MondayMusings : Of sunshine and rain”

  1. Alice Gerard says:

    There’s so much truth in here, like about needing rain to get the rainbow. One day, I was under tent with a group of people and it started to pour really hard. We couldn’t go anywhere. But, when it stopped, we could see a beautiful double rainbow, which was truly the most beautiful gift.

  2. I so agree the weather can play on our minds. Sometimes the hot weather too can exhaust ones mind. Its basically an excess of something is when we crave for another. So for now all i can say enjoy the rains in bangalore . This too shall pass away soon…

  3. pythoroshan says:

    Being in Kerala, we get to go through this a lot. When it’s hot, it’s so humid and sweaty that we crib for the rain to come. When rain arrives, we are drenched and unable to move around so we cry for the rain. And the cycle continues even today!

  4. Ramya says:

    Heard about heavy rains in mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Its good to see rain and relax but getting stuck in traffic is horrible. I know.

  5. Vinitha says:

    Weather has a tendency to affect our mood. More like, we let weather decide our mood. I am sorry to hear about the troubles you have to go through due this heavy downpour, Reema. As it is, Bangalore traffic woes are bad enough to kill one’s spirit. With heavy rain it must be a nightmare even nightmare is afraid of! But, as you said, we need to move on with our lives and find opportunity to grow instead of letting it get to us. Please get some extra food in the afternoon and save it for your dinner and don’t stay hungry.

  6. sulekha says:

    I feel for you. The saddest part in your post is when you mention you don’t get to eat in the PG as the food is over by the time you reach back due to the rains. The mother in me cringed at a daughter going hungry after a long hard day at work 🙁 We always miss for what we don’t have.I lived in Kerala for a decade and the rains there were non-stop. When we moved to Delhi, we hardly saw any rains. The trick to enjoy life is to know that ‘this too shall pass’. Nothing stays the same forever, neither joys nor sorrows. Make the most of what you have and live in the moment 🙂

  7. Obsessivemom says:

    I’m so sorry the rain is messing your life. I am glad though that you realise there are people worse off than you. No food sounds such a bummer. When we were in the hostel we would keep supplies of bread and jam for such eventualities – it’s not the same thing of course and it does take away from the romance of rains. Hope you get only rainbows now on Reema.

  8. Rashmi says:

    Kudos to you for seeing the more unfortunate, while you face so much yourself. That, let me tell you, is what sets you apart. Yes, this are bad. But now the rains are easing out a bit. Let’s hope the festive season works wonders for you . Take care 🙂

  9. Storyteller says:

    so true…. we need rains and storms to get our rainbow

  10. Parul Thakur says:

    Gosh the rains. Bangaloreans are suffering. We have all gone through this but then when I think of people who lost lives, our woes are nothing. You are right that first we did not keep our city green and now, the rains. It’s not nature, it’s us.

  11. nuttynupur says:

    Good thought about doing something about the rains, rather than complaining. Will try.

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