With bated breath, I wait

bated breath

From the time I knew you, you meant the world to me. As I now wait with bated breath, I go down the memory lane thinking about all the times you made me wait.


All those times when you were late, my heart would beat faster and I’d hope that you were okay. You didn’t understand why I was so anxious and often made fun of my anxiety but if only you’d understand how I felt.


I stood by you through it all – those late nights during exams and interviews, the wait of the results and I was more anxious than you were because I didn’t want to see you sad. I knew that you’d excel in whatever you did, yet, when you were anxious I was anxious too!


When you said that you had to go away to follow your dreams, I didn’t want you to go. I’d then lose a part of me, the most precious one at that. I was worried if you’d be okay. I knew that you had big dreams and I didn’t want to come in the way of you pursuing them. So I let you go! But I knew you’d come back, or so I hoped.


You had promised that you would call. But slowly the number of calls reduced. You promised you’d come back soon to meet me, but I never saw you from the day you left. For a few times, you sent me some money for my expenses, but I didn’t want any of it. I’ve still kept it safe to give it to you when you return. All I ever wanted was your happiness. All I ever wanted was the warmth of your affection. All I ever wanted was to hear your voice and meet you occasionally.


“I’ll call you every night at 9 pm”, you’d said when you were leaving.


The ticking clock shows the time to be 9 pm. And just like every day from the day you left, I wait with bated breath for that phone to ring so that I could hear your voice.


Someday I know the phone will ring again. Someday I hope you’ll remember me, Son.


But I hope that someday comes soon, for I know I don’t have long.



13 responses to “With bated breath, I wait”

  1. Ramya says:

    Heart touching post and apt for the prompt.

  2. nuttynupur says:

    Very poignant post. Can feel the narrator’s emotion.

  3. pragunify says:

    Emotional, nicely written

  4. I’ve been here before. The phone doesn’t ring. When it finally does, you are not sure if you want that anymore as your are used to not having them in your life now. Sometimes it is worth it. Mostly, not.

  5. Vinitha says:

    Heartbreaking piece this is, Reema. How hard is it for a mother to wait and to keep waiting for hat one phone call! Poignant!

  6. Parul Thakur says:

    That’s such a touching one. Reema, beautiful writing and thought there. A feeling so well explained.

  7. Obsessivemom says:

    That’s heartbreaking, specially the last bit – that she/he might not have enough time, that they may not be there by the time the son decides to get in touch.

  8. writershilpa says:

    That’s a very sad reality of many a senior citizen, Reema. The children grow up, move out to follow their dreams and then forget all about their parents who wait for their return day and night! My heart goes out to them all!

  9. Anchal says:

    A short one but so meaningful and deep. This is the sad reality. We give our lives raising up our children and all we expect from them is some time.

  10. Nupur says:

    A touching tale….visual. I could almost feel the bated breath. Good one!

  11. Alice Gerard says:

    The main character speaks from the heart and the silence of the telephone is deafening.

  12. Storyteller says:

    lovely take on parents’ pain

  13. nuttynupur says:

    Aww. No reasoning behind parental love.

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