Tell me your dreams

tell me your dreams

I see that twinkle in your eyes every time someone speaks about dreams. I know you have them too like all of us do. But when asked what is your dream, you shrug and say that you have none. It is easier that way is what you feel. But I know that it is not real. You have dreams.


But you have hidden them. Hidden because you are afraid to voice them out because someone may say that it is too frivolous to have the sort of dream that you have.Or it may be hidden because someone laughed at your expense.  Hidden because someone said that you cannot have such dreams because they are ideal to turn to reality for you. Hidden underneath the many layers that the world added around you as your grew.  Or maybe because you didn’t believe that you could do it, that you could dream and turn it into reality. Hidden because you are afraid; afraid of trying.


Do you dream of flying high and reaching for the sky? Or do you dream of travelling across the seas to experience what is beyond?
A dream to start something of your own? Or a dream to make something better?
Do you dream to make someone’s life better? Do you want to spread a smile?
You dream of taking the path that you want to take but you don’t choose to take it.
We always have dreams.


For there are dreams that we see, the ones we forget. There are dreams, that we see more often but we push it aside or often bury them alive in the depths of our minds to be forgotten in the course of time. And there are dreams that you feel. These are dreams that you give your purpose. For those are the dreams you don’t see, but feel. Those are the dreams that your heart beats for. And those are the dreams that one day you’ll live.


I can see that twinkle in your eyes. I know you have a dream. What are you waiting for?
Tell me your dreams. I am after all the person you see when you stand in front of the mirror.


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After having no clue about what to write for the #MyFriendAlexa campaign, I decided to pick out titles of some of my favourite books and write something based on them. It could be a story, a poem or something abstract like this one. Let me know what do you think about this.

20 responses to “Tell me your dreams”

  1. momtasticworld says:

    This is amazing. Beautifully written words with layers of meaning and emotions. Dreams have a world of their own.

  2. The title of the blog post took me back to Sidney Sheldon ‘s book of the same name 😀
    You have given a voice to your dreams through these words and motivated &compelled a dreamer like me to do the same ☺

  3. momsmethods says:

    Loved reading this.. and yes I thought of the Sidney Sheldon one too on reading the title…

  4. Sidney for me too. Loved the words. So many queries about dreams and life. Loved it.

  5. ladynimue says:

    Amusing way to pick post topic . I love the way you wrote.

  6. Josly says:


  7. Dr Bushra says:

    Dreams are doing so much of magic. Dreams gives us vision to be happy and optimistic in life. Yes I do have dream to bring smile on everyone around me

  8. Beautifully expressed emotions. Great thought.

  9. ʞɐ says:

    Looks like the person in the mirror is not talking to you, is that so?

    Beautifully written. So you’re going the abstract way. And you’re going at it wonderfully and beautifully. Keep writing.

    Great post btw.

  10. I think of Sidney Sheldon 😛 Well I think you my love can spin things out of nothing – this was still titles !

  11. Tell me your dreams is one of my favourite books! And about dreams and voicing them? Now that like you said, takes courage.

  12. anandsharma says:

    I could connect to every word. This is one of the best posts I have read. Very well written.

  13. Tell Me Your Dreams was the first Sydney Sheldon novel I read. Loved this post. It is so relatable! Thanks!

  14. Each one of us dream and fight hard to not acknowledge it, but once it takes hold of you is when you cannot ignore it anymore. Loved it. Also interesting inspirations to write, Book titles. Glad to have come across you. 🙂

  15. This post can be base to many fiction and thought sharing posts.

  16. I believe dreams should not be forgotten or discarded. They should drive us. Towards our goals.
    Well written Reema!

  17. Dreams become thoughts and thoughts become reality, if you are motivated enough. It has happened to me with a few things in life. And I love your idea of taking the titles of your favourite books and writing a post on it. I may use that idea for future writings. 😉

  18. savorytales says:

    Very Well written 🙂

  19. great article, enjoyed reading it and the flow

  20. Janani says:

    A truly beautiful and inspiring writing

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