A day in my life

a day in my life

Groping around to find that phone,
And put off the alarm,
Which is blaring with its annoying tone,
I already have a headache and need some balm!


Five minutes more I say,
And I go back to the world of my dreams.
As I run in my dreams to find my way,
I wake up, and jump out of bed with screams!


There’s no denying that I’m late,
And I run, jump and fall in the process of getting dressed.
That new top will have to wait,
And old shirt for today, for that doesn’t need to be pressed.


Off to office, I walk or rather run,
For breakfast that I don’t want to miss!
Its just eight, but the scorching heat of the sun,
Tires me and I don’t like this!


Reading documents that never seem to end,
And type furiously for that little piece of code,
Thinking a zillion times before I press send,
Without that cup of tea, I think I’ll explode.


Connecting and disconnecting wires,
And make the surrounding look nothing but a mess,
Between the software and hardware I don’t know what transpires,
Nothing is working and all I know is that I’m under stress!


And then once I’m done,
Off I go to a place I still can’t call home.
For there awaits another battle to be won,
The one that’s called cooking dinner.


There are times, when things don’t go right,
And then hungry I go to bed.
Then begins the best part of the night,
When I write out the zillion thoughts in my head.


A call from mom improves my mood,
And then with a book for company I sit.
Though there is a lot that in my daily routine I’d include,
This was all that I managed to fit!


That was about my day! Let me know how a day in your life looks like!
The prompt for Day 4 is Feature a day in your life or someone elseโ€™s life

17 responses to “A day in my life”

  1. A day surely ends with a mother’s call!!

  2. A busy, busy life! Thanks for sharing a day with us ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Bhavya says:

    Your day sounds as exhausting as mine would! No wonder we get so tired so easily. So much of running around we do.

  4. Aesha says:

    That’s a hectic day ! But a fruitful one! Mom’s call and a book surely calms a stressful mind.

  5. Verses for even the dull and mundane routine! The day, howsoever, mundane it may be but alteast the words’ play in your mind have made it sound interesting. Going to bed hungry seems not too good. Can there be a work around this? Moms are the biggest rescues, I can tell you. Even at my age. (Well, you have met me, I don’t look old. Do I?) ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. BellyBytes says:

    what a lovely busy day you have

  7. Lovely post Reema.You have an amazing one knack of rhyming stories and not just abstracts. Writing reading and mommy does help ones mood!

  8. Rajlakshmi says:

    your day sounds just like mine ๐Ÿ™‚ it feels awesome to be home after a long day at work.

  9. Hectic day. Sounds like me too, except for the cooking part. I still live with my family.

  10. Lovely recount of the day! Reminded me of my early days. Sometimes we do get up from the wrong side of the bed, wont we?
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  11. Apeksha Rao says:

    What a lovely end to such a hectic day…a mother’s call

  12. Shree Janani says:

    I can totally get the between hardware and software part! Kind of same here with me! Mom’s call – Nothing like hearing that comforting voice to finish off a hectic day! Nice write up.

  13. Your words flow easily on a busy day. Lovely rhyme and rhythm. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Geethica says:

    A call from mom always calms down the stress and we feel relieved.

  15. Good one, Reema! Mother, books and words certainly is a recipe for relief!

  16. Steph Abbott says:

    Such a nice delivery for the activities of your day!

  17. Wow!! One busy bee you are!! We all are living crazy lives with no breather. Thanks for sharing about your day.

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