8 reasons why I love Bengaluru

why I love bengaluru

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3 years ago (One day short of 3 years. 08-08-2014 to be exact) I got placed. It was my first job offer and I was really excited about it. But there was one thing that kept bothering – moving away from home. For the entire duration of my education, I had lived in Hubballi. Though I was a excited about moving to Bengaluru, the fact of living alone in a big city scared me. Its been over 2 years now of living in Bengaluru and the journey so far has been amazing!
Here are few reasons why I love Bangalore in no particular order.


I agree a lot of trees have been destroyed in the name of urbanization. Yet, I find a lot of trees along the road sides. There are a lot of parks atleast in the area that I live in and for someone who likes to take walks in nature, these parks are just perfect. Lalbagh and Cubbon Park make it better!


2.Blossoms, Bookworm and all the lovely bookstores
For someone like me who likes to read a lot, bookstores are heaven. I’d rather live in a library than anywhere else in the world. These bookstores are perfect for finding some great reads. And yes, there is the thing about old books- the yellowness of the pages, the rustling sound as you flip the pages and yes the smell of old books!


3.The various restaurants and the cuisines they offer
I’ve tried a lot of different cuisines and dishes after coming to Bengaluru. From the crispy hot masala dosa to that perfect creamy pasta, from idli vada to sizzlers, from delicious biryani to pita bread and hummus, You get the drift?  I can go on and on! There is so much variety! Just take a walk in Koramangala 5th, 6th and 7th blocks and you’ll know what I am talking about.


4.The plethora of events
There are a lot of events held across Bengaluru! You have nothing to do during a weekend? Feeling bored? Just search for events near you and you’ll be surprised! There is something for everyone- be it bookworms to foodies to music lovers!


In continuation of my previous point, I love Bengaluru for the opportunities it provides. No I’m not speak about job opportunities here. I’m speaking about the various opportunities to showcase your talents or grow your interests! I did a couple of poetry readings! Something I hadn’t done before and I was super proud of myself!


You get to see all the seasons in a single day! Cold morning, sunny afternoons and rainy evenings! But most of the times the weather is pleasant. These days Bengaluru is getting hotter and I really hope that stops.


7.Painted walls
If you look around you’ll see that there is beautiful art of a lot of walls. Sometimes its hard to miss. But look around and you may find lovely painted walls.


8.Blogger meets
Okay this is one of my personal favourites! There are so many bloggers in Bengaluru. Back when I was in Hubli, I used to wait for an opportunity to attend a blogging meet. But I knew that wouldn’t happen. After coming to Bengaluru I’ve met a lot of bloggers whose work I admire and are based in Bengaluru!


These were reasons why I like Bengaluru based on my personal experience in the city. Are you living in Bengaluru or have you lived here? Let me know what are your favourite reasons to love Bengaluru!


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11 responses to “8 reasons why I love Bengaluru”

  1. Oh I love the Bangalore city so much, more than Delhi where I have spent the maximum time of my life. The weather, the roads lined with trees, the parks in the heart of the city, the events, I love them all. I have not yet attended any bloggers meet. I am not sure what I will do in a place full of people.
    On another note, You have been reading your poetry in the events? Terrific!

  2. Aesha says:

    One of my closest friends belongs to Bengaluru and she has so much to say about it all the time. So have heard a lot but haven’t visited yet. I should do it some time soon.

  3. Geethica says:

    This place is really happening all the time. I keep reading about the on going bloggers meet at Bengaluru.

  4. Amrita says:

    Bangalore sounds lovely.Weather ,food and books make it sound amazing.

  5. I haven’t stayed in Bangalore for long except for the visits. But the city always intrigued me with its weather and hippy mood.

  6. I’ve missed all of this and more… especially no blogger meets in my hometown ever!

  7. It’s a city of which I have fond memories. But for the traffic snarls, Bengaluru offers a lot of variety as a city.

  8. Never been to Bangalore myself but I am a big fan of Bengaluru FC, Bangalore’s own football team and I would like to witness atleast one match live in Kanteerva

  9. I have been to B’lore just once long back and I remember staying at Windsor Castle and having a dinner at Three Quarter Chinese. Beautiful city full off opportunities.

  10. arv! says:

    Indeed, Bangalore is my favorite too! Some of the reasons you have already listed. I think weather is definitely a plus points and so is people. Enjoyed reading this post

  11. This makes me want to visit this city so much and also meet fellow bloggers, you, Ramya and Sid. Someday. 🙂

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