Book review : A way, not away by Ramya Gundala

Book review A way, not away

Title: A way, not away
Author: Ramya Gundala
Format : Ebook
The book  is published as a part of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival.
A short story collection


A Way, Not Away is a collection of twenty-six short stories which explores various perspectives of distinct situations that you can instantly get connected with. Each story is based on different character’s day to day life and their strained relationships. Every story is connected to the next one with their if-else situations. Originally written for an online blogging challenge, April A to Z Challenge, they have been revisited to form this collection


My review: 
I’ve always loved short stories and that is why I decided to pick “A way, not away” by Ramya Gundala. Though all the stories in this book speak of daily life situations, each story is different in its own way. The stories highlight various emotions that one goes through and also the various situations we encounter. The book explores various relationships and sometimes makes one question about the relationships that one has with others and with oneself. There are stories that speak of siblings, friendships and relationships.
What makes it different is the endings are not always happily ever after as we always expect it to be. But yes, there is a lesson to be learnt or something to think about after reading the book.
If there is one thing that I absolutely loved in the book, it has to be the analogies. The story titled “Isosceles” is my favourite. Another story that I loved from the book was “Fair Tale from the Rainbow Kingdom” I loved the use of the 7 colours of the rainbow along with the 7 deadly sins. You will feel a connection with one story or the other. For a few of the stories I felt the end was abrupt or not what it should have been. But maybe the author had a different perspective about it.
The book is a short read of 26 short stories. The language is simple and easy to understand. So if you are looking for an easy short story collection to read then read this now.


My rating : 4/5


About the author:
Ramya Gundala is a passionate writer and an electronics engineer who crafts stories currently based on her day to day life. A Way, Not Away is her first collection of short stories, which are compiled from her blogposts for April A to Z Challenge 2017.

3 responses to “Book review : A way, not away by Ramya Gundala”

  1. shanayatales says:

    Short stories are not really my thing, but this does sound like an interesting compilation.

  2. Suja says:

    I love reading short stories because I cannot wait too long to know how the story ends. That’s why I am not a big fan of novels. After reading your review I am willing to give a try and I hope it will be as I expected. Thank you.

  3. Rajlakshmi says:

    I love short stories. They make a wonderful read while travelling.Great job Ramya on publishing your e-book. Well reviewed Reema.

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