Book Review : Potpourri of emotions and moods by Sneha Sasikumar

Book review Potpourri of emotions and moods

Title: Potpourri of emotions and moods
Author: Sneha Sasikumar
Format : Ebook
The book  is published as a part of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival.
An A to Z of emotions and moods
Every living creature goes through a roller coaster of emotions in their lifetime, some that lift up your mood, some that make you happy, some that makes you sulk and feel bad about yourself. From being affectionate to happy, from being in rage to simply feel nothing there is at least twenty six emotions that we human beings for sure experience. Potpourri of Emotions & Moods is one such book which makes you experience these emotions as you travel through the pages one by one. Experience emotions through stories and experiences and many more such surprises.


My review:
This book is a collection of the posts the author wrote during the A to Z Challenge. There is an emotion or a mood associated with each letter of the alphabet. We deal with so many emotions each day and the author shares her personal stories and thoughts about each of the emotions. Some chapters are guest posts on the author’s blog. When it comes to emotions, I believe each one has a story to tell and the guest posts give a different perspective to the book.
One thing I really liked about the book is the use of many beautiful quotes. The quotes highlight the emotions and moods even better. For some posts there are wonderful illustrations depicting the emotion or mood associated with the chapter.
I only wish the chapters were slightly longer with some more anecdotes. I believe that would have made the book more interesting. But I know how tedious the A to Z challenge can get and I appreciate the author’s decision to stick with the original posts for the A to Z challenge.
Written in simple and easy to follow language, this book is a short, easy read. So if you want to know a little more about the various emotions and moods, then pick up this book. I’m sure we could all relate with it as we deal with emotions everyday.


My rating : 3/5
About the author:
Seven years in the IT industry, Sneha Sasikumar is a tech lead with an MNC in Bangalore who works on finance and retail domains during the day but when she is not working on the codes and testing them, she juggles doing many things to keep her creative genes alive. One among them is blogging for about close to two years now on her blog Life as a Potpourri where she talks about lot of topics under the sky justifying the word Potpourri. Born and brought up in the amazing Andaman and Nicobar Islands and settled in Bangalore now apart from writing she enjoys, traveling, doodling and creating zentangles and holds a bachelors degree in Bharatnatyam and Kathak up her sleeves.

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