#AtoZchallenge ​: You know you are an AtoZer when

Phew! The A to Z Challenge for this year is over! For those of us who took it up, April has been crazy. Crazy is an understatement, for it was crazy multiplied by 100 times! 

From choosing that theme to writing each of those posts, from changing the post titles a zillion times to not knowing what to write, from reading a lot of posts to not being able to write at all, we have done it all! So here is a list of things that you can relate with if you are an AtoZer. 

You know you are an AtoZer when

1. taking up the A to Z Challenge features as one of your blogging resolutions at the start of the new year.

2. you keep checking the A to Z website for updates regarding signing up.

3. you think a thousand times whether should sign up or not, but in your heart you are sure that you want to do it.

4. you spend most of February and March thinking of a theme for your posts. Or you think if you even need a theme or not. 

5. You freak out when its March and some fellow bloggers tell you that they’ve written and scheduled posts for the whole of April and you are struggling with your theme reveal post. 

6. your weekend plans for the month of April are all about the A to Z Challenge.

7. Forget weekends, your daily schedule revolves around the A to Z Challenge. You sleep late. You skip dinner. You miss watching your favorite show. 

8. instead of reading your favorite book at bedtime, you end up reading your favorite blogs.

9. your phone is buzzing all day because of all the likes and comments on your posts.

10. people around you began to ask you what is A to Z Challenge and that they liked your posts from the challenge.

11. there comes a day when a post is not well received as you thought it would and you feel like giving up the challenge.

12. you wish the day had more hours to it because there are so many awesome posts that you want to read.

13. you also wish the day had more hours to it so that you could add more awesomeness to your posts because after reading all the awesome posts, you feel your posts are less awesome.

14. Q, X, Z and some other alphabets become your enemies!

15. you freak out because your post didn’t go live at the time you scheduled it to go live or when your blog goes down for a while.

16. you spend more time on the phone/laptop than during any other month.

17. every waking moment you tell yourself that you will plan better for the next challenge or you won’t take it up unless you have planned it well

18. you begin to make plans for things to do after the challenge because all of your life during April revolved around the challenge. 

19. you finally finish the challenge and you feel like a champion

20. first thing on your mind is to get a good night’s sleep on the night of April 30th! Phew!

These are few of the things about being an AtoZer. Let me know if you come up with more in the comments! 

Congratulations to all of you who completed the challenge! 

11 responses to “#AtoZchallenge ​: You know you are an AtoZer when”

  1. Bang on! I was nodding along , you know! I had so much fun. Congratulations on completing the challenge, dear Reema.

  2. Congratulations Reema and Shalini you too 🙂 As Shalini said i was nodding all along 😛
    I managed 19 posts out of the 26 which is more than 70% so i think am good for this year. Sadly i had words planned for those alphabets as well just didnt get time amidst work and travel…will publish them later this week i guess.

    When are you two publishing your ebooks?

    P.S – slept well yesterday after a long timeeeeeee!!!

  3. John Holton says:

    I always plan my themes around the letters Q, X, and Z. If I can get those three, I know that’ll be my theme.

  4. Anmol Rawat says:

    This is like everything I wanted to say! True that! We are proud AtoZers!

  5. shalzmojo says:

    I think you got it all down Reema – its a crazy ride of all this for me as it was my first and I enjoyed every minute of it. Though now that its over, I dont know what to do with my time 😉
    Cheers to completing your challenge superbly!!!

  6. Suja says:

    This rollercoaster ride is always yet crazy…You just read my mind…Awesome article..

  7. hahaha..yea true that! esp, the Q, X and Y becoming your enemies! But every year after the challenge, I vow not to do it again, but invariable do it in April!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  8. Congratulations on completing the challenge, Reema!
    I am an A to Zer all right, as i was nodding along with all your points mentioned! Fun post, this!:)

  9. jlennidorner says:

    Ha ha ha. You nailed it right there! Love the list.

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  11. 21. Being 12 hours behind the majority of bloggers. When I’m rising for the day, so many blogs have been posted, and I have to hurry to keep up. And the worry whether mine are seen because they are posted late in (your) day.
    Until I realize, good writing is good writing and will be read.
    Congratulations on participating and finishing!

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