That last sunset

sunset blurred dad missing

I stood by the window,
Watching the sunset.
Feeling a little low,
For darkness had now set.


But then I remembered what you’d said,
On that first sunset we watched together.
“The sun will again shine and let its light spread,
It is not gone altogether”


Those words to me were a hope,
Hope that there will be light,
And that I can cope,
Even through the darkest night.


But that day fifteen years ago,
When the sun had set,
The darkness would never go,
For from this world you’d left.


The sun that had set,
Would rise again the next morning.
But what my little mind couldn’t get,
That you’d gone forever without warning.


I knew you were sick,
But to me, that was temporary.
You would be healed, though not very quick,
And then we’d be happy and make merry.


From that day till this one,
There hasn’t been a day,
When I haven’t wished that I could run,
Into your arms and make you stay!


I still miss you a lot Daddy,
I miss you everyday.
I still think about those days sadly,
Those days you’d make me laugh and we’d play!


I now gaze at the sunset,
Blurred because of my tears.
Unable to accept reality yet,
Even after all these years!


This poem is dedicated to my Dad. Its been 15 years since he passed away. For the past few years I’ve written a poem for him every year on this day.

13 responses to “That last sunset”

  1. kalaravi16 says:

    I am sure your Dad is watching over you from above and happy to see what a wonderful person you have grown upto. Love and hugs dear Reema.

  2. Lovely post Reema. Your dad must be so proud of you and your creativity. I have struggled to write about anyone close who has passed away. I salute your courage for doing so since you were a child. The beauty of your writing and personality is reflective of the success of your parenting and values :).

    • Reema D'souza says:

      Thank you Prateek. He used to write poems too hence I thought that this would be a fitting tribute to him.

  3. The sunset captures the emotions and bonding. I am sure your Dad is nestled among the stars and watching you with a smile, Reema. The words are powerfully weaved and flowing from the heart.

  4. Hugs, Reema. He must be so proud of the lovely young woman you’ve become.

  5. Eli Ert says:

    What a lovely poem. Can feel your loss but still hope and joy of the wonderful man he was as well. I lost my mum last year. She is with me every day, every moment. loosing a parent can be so hard. Lots of love to you, really enjoyed this read- Emotional.

  6. It’s a beautiful tribute, Reema.

  7. sanchwrites says:

    Oh this is a beautiful piece of poetry Reema. The sunset is a perfect metaphor on his life and I think it’s a beautiful tribute as well. I’m sure he is proud of who you are!

  8. I reiterate this – I don’t usually read much poetry, but this one touched a chord with me; mostly because of the emotions that it evokes. I’m sure your dad is watching down on what a fine person and writer you’ve grown into.

  9. vaidehiyoutube says:

    Lovely poetry dear…
    Virtual hug to you

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