Will you be my sunshine?

clouds, sunshine

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

He liked the outdoors. I preferred staying indoors with a book in my hand. But we were good together.
“Meet me at 8 am near the Gardens” he’d said. We’d never met that early!
It was a lovely day, with the sun shining and a gentle breeze.
He walked into the garden with that never fading smile. Before I could even say “Hi” he was kneeling on one knee.
“Will you be my sunshine?”
I was so overjoyed that I could barely squeak “Yes”
“Just the way you wanted book nerd!”
The beautiful day had just become the best day!
Word Count : 100
This post is written for the above picture prompt for Friday Fictioneers.

29 responses to “Will you be my sunshine?”

  1. Josy says:

    Just the way you wanted book nerd! Nice post!

  2. That’s so cute 🙂

  3. Dale says:


  4. neilmacdon says:

    I liked the “Just the way you wanted book nerd!”. I see in that the seeds of future discord

  5. Beautifully crafted words. Loved it !!!

  6. Maliny Mohan says:

    Such a cute story, Reema 🙂

  7. If it were truly “just the way you wanted, book nerd” wouldn’t the proposal be tucked into a book – something like, “I’d like to write you into the story of my life,” maybe with a ring tied to a bookmark ribbon? 🙂

  8. Geethica says:

    Good take on the prompt Reema. Love is always unexpected.

  9. Suzy Que says:

    I’m with Holly on this one – might’ve been a book related proposal. But it was sweet nevertheless.

    • Reema D'souza says:

      From my perspective it is straight out of her favorite book – unexpected, simple but sweet.

  10. So very sweet.

  11. Rommy says:

    Aw! Hopefully they’ll continue to love and respect each other’s differences as the years go on.

  12. gahlearner says:

    Very cute. Liking different things can be an asset as long as there are enough things they can enjoy together.

  13. kalaravi16 says:

    Sweet love captured in just 100 words! Lovely!!

  14. Rajlakshmi says:

    Aww just like a story… Beautiful

  15. What an endearing read, Reema. True story? ;)))))

  16. Such beautiful words , you have made it work in 100 words, what do I say – Cute!

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