Wish you were here


PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

“We’ll make a snowman”
“And I’ll hit you with a snowball”
“Can we go out in the snow? It’ll be cold!”
“Its a dream, silly. We may never see the snow”
I recalled the conversation that we had as kids. Looking at it snow, I wished you were here.
Time had passed. The distance and misunderstandings had grown. We’d fought.
Would you still remember me?
There was only one way to find out.
“Hello, its me! Shall we build our snowman? “
Thus began a conversation which ended in us giggling like we used to when we were little girls!
Word count: 100
This post is written for the above Photo Prompt at Friday Fictioneers

25 responses to “Wish you were here”

  1. Dale says:

    It’s never too late to try to reconnect!

  2. Debbie D. says:

    True friendship stands the test of time. How nice that these old friends got back together. 🙂

  3. ceayr says:

    Nicely done, sweet message

  4. Dear Reema,

    I love a good resolution. I could feel her trepidation and the joy as they let the past go. An enjoyable read. 😀



  5. Iain Kelly says:

    A nice gentle tale of friendship rekindled. Lovely.

  6. Friends are such a wonderful way to warm the winter. Love the exchange… and the new beginning.

  7. beautiful tale of friendship 🙂

  8. Friends never part, in-fact it is they whom we sought to when in joy or pain. Beautiful Reema!

  9. Parul Thakur says:

    Lovely! Never too late to go back to old friends.

  10. gahlearner says:

    Beautiful story, friends understand each other without many words.

  11. deepagandhi says:

    Sweet and short poem about friendship and memories.

  12. Such a heartwarming story, nicely done.

  13. Ranjini says:

    Some memories are stronger than the rest, they’d trigger something within us and suddenly things will fall into place 🙂

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