Be your own sunshine

be your own sunshine

Not everyday is happy day,
Things may sometimes be rough.
There are times when troubles come your way,
And the journey seems a little too tough.


The clouds of gloom surround you,
The darkness gives you a fear.
How to escape you have no clue,
You cry a silent tear.


You find no shoulder to lean on,
And there is no one to wipe your tears.
Realization then dawns,
You have to face your fears.


No one will fight your demons for you,
You are the one who must make things right.
During the storm if you have to sail through,
Don’t give up though your goal is not in sight.


No one will lead you out of darkness,
You must let your light shine.
In this world full of cold starkness,
You got to be your own sunshine.

13 responses to “Be your own sunshine”

  1. Inspiring words Reema. Somedays one needs to read this to get going.

  2. That is so true, Reema. I also like how the mood of your poem changed, starting with a pondering note and ending with a positive one.

  3. Rajlakshmi says:

    That is so true… We need to be or own sunshine… The world is too busy to catch you when you fall. Lovely write up

  4. Very inspiring. An apt poem that I could relate to. Keep believing for the thorns are beautiful picking filled with wisdom and lessons.

  5. BellyBytes says:

    Thanks for this welcome reminder that we are the architects of our own destiny

  6. Modern Gypsy says:

    Love this! And it’s so true – you have to be your own sunshine. It can be hard sometimes, but we must keep on keeping on!

  7. To be happy, you must be your own sunshine. Happiness is a choice. One that is completely dependent on you. Which basically means, no matter where you are in the universe, no matter what situation you are put in, you will always have the option of being happy. Not necessarily being unrealistically optimistic about your situation, but accepting it as it is, and choosing to be happy. I just think people waste too much time holding grudges and crying about things, especially things that aren’t all that important. Maybe we do it because we lack the ability to see ahead and think, β€œis this really going to effect my life in the long run?”

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