Colours, pictures and lots of fun #BergerXP

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I always look forward to weekends because it is on weekends that I find some time to do what I love to do. So last week I was super excited and was eagerly waiting for Saturday. Why? Because Saturday was the #BergerXP Indiblogger meet. Blogger meets are fun. I’ve attended one before organized by IndiBlogger and each meet has its own set of stories, memories and not to forget the fun and laughter. So this meet had it all too! Here is what happened.
The meet happened at The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. When I reached the venue, it was nice to see fellow bloggers all excited about the meet. I met some of my blogger friends and also made some new friends! The Berger Paint backdrop and the Instagram prop added to the fun of clicking never ending pictures. We then headed to the food counters for lunch followed by some yummy desserts. With our stomachs full and our enthusiasm still at an all time high, we headed to get our registrations done.
Anoop welcomed us all and then Kartik taught us some of his cool Tai Chi moves and exercised to keep us active. To add more fun and to bring out the child is us, we were made to play this game of bursting the balloons. We were each given a balloon and were asked to tie it to one of our feet and our goal was to burst others balloons while being careful to protect our own! We then had some quick intros of our fellow bloggers.

The balloon bursting. Final 4.

After this we settled down to hear Chandranath Banerjee, Service Head, Express Painting speak about Express Painting and especially what they mean about Faster, Cleaner and Better painting. When we think of painting our houses, it like a mission which requires a lot of planning in advance. It is not just the colour scheme, the finish and the budget that bothers us. Painting a house is a messy process which requires a lot of time.
It was with the idea of solving this problem to a certain extent that Berger Paints, which is  came up with Express painting which promises to make the entire process faster, cleaner and better. The express painting has an array of tools quite different from the usual painting tools. The different tools like Sanding Machine, Multipurpose mixer, Auto Roller and High Pressure Washer not only provides the customer with a satisfied painting experience which is less messy but also improves the efficiency as it reduces the time taken for painting by 40% when compared to traditional painting. The painters are also specially trained to make the experience better. A few questions were asked which were promptly answered and we then headed for demo of the paint mixing.

Colours, colours and more colours.

Some of the tools.

And after all the gyaan that we had gained, it was time for us to put it to use. We divided ourselves into teams for the sake of the activities. The first activity was sanding the old paint and smoothening the wall like board that each of the teams were given. With our heads covered, faces masked and hands gloved we began scrubbing with all our might! We were timed and we had a judge deciding whether the surface was smooth enough.
This was followed by a painting activity where we were supposed to depict either a social issue, the moments of 2016 or colours of India. My team Rekha ki Sena named after our super enthusiastic captain decided to paint the colours of India. After deciding to do something and not really doing much, we came up with our not so good looking or more like a painting depicting how we used to paint as kids kinda painting. All the teams were then asked to explain their paintings.
After a quick cup of tea/coffee, the winners were announced and prized were distributed. There were also pictures for cool social media updates. You can’t let a roomful of bloggers go away without a group picture, can you? So it was time for some more click, click, clicks. And since we thought pictures are too common place, we did the mannequin challenge. What fun it was and how hard it was to not laugh and maintain the pose for over a minute!
All in all, this was a fun event where we also learned a lot about the painting process. It was an afternoon well spent. We went back happily with a bag full of goodies and lots of moments of fun. Thank you Berger Paints and IndiBlogger for such a fun filled meet.
So are you planning to paint your house? Then just SMS XP to 56767 or visit the Berger Paints website here.

3 responses to “Colours, pictures and lots of fun #BergerXP”

  1. RamyaRao says:

    Such meets are always fun. We had an amazing saturday no? It was nice meeting you 😛

  2. It’s inspiring to hear other bloggers’ stories about their routines – what they write about and why, how often do they update, what’s their niche. Also, attending such meets really teach us a lot. We know now what the point is about these events and how to make the most of it. Content, quality, SEO, collaborations, your own niche, how you attract visitors and communicate – all very important things that you need to learn, and the learning never stops. I’d never participated in a blogger event in this scale. It was pretty surprising to notice all these cool things to happen.

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