The Real Me

Dear readers,

Today I’ve the pleasure of hosting a beautiful girl and a lovely blogger on my blog. She’s the one who is known as the girl who loves Chocolates, Purple, Books and Writing! Please welcome Ranjini. She is my amazing blogbuddy from Team WriteOn. She blogs at A Few Handpicked Things in Life. Here is a beautiful poem by her.


Leafing through my diary,
I’m left spellbound.
I see words that I’d never use.
When I am myself, the sane version.

There are wounds that bled
longer than necessary and
words written in blood,
now faded red and forgotten.

There are metaphors so deep,
formed in a moment of agony
conceived the mind if someone; not me!
But, written in my hand.

There is pain etched across pages
scribbled away, illegibly.
Ink smudged & spread,
intermingled with tears.

There is imagination
running wild.
Unreal creatures living in my head,
taking shape in my diary.

Once I shut those emotions,
between the hardbound covers,
I look at myself in the mirror,
wondering who the real ‘me’ is.

Is it the one looking at me
from the mirror?
Or the one who filled up
this diary?

This post is written as a part of #BlogForward – a guest blogging initiative with my amazing blog buddies from team WriteOn.

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6 responses to “The Real Me”

  1. kalaravi16 says:

    What a wonderful poem Ranjini! Indeed one wonders where do all the thoughts spring from when we write, they seem to belong to another being altogether! Bravo!

  2. A brilliant poem touching the heart and our nerves. Superbly woven and so much passion, Ranjini!

  3. Each day be thankful for all you have and appreciate the opportunity to live this day. Really an amazing poem.

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