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Dear Zindagi,
A big hello from me! How are you? Yes, I know how you are but I just wanted to ask myself that! Am I treating you right? But wait, first things first, I’m glad that I have you because you are the best gift that I ever got. Realizing that took time but once I realized how important you were I knew that I wouldn’t let you go in vain.
When I was a little girl, life was something that everyone had. It was only when one got too old that had to move from here and live your life elsewhere. A person would be living in a more beautiful place if they did good, or a really bad one if it were a bad person. And then reality struck and my little beautiful world was shattered. My dad passed away. Dad wasn’t so old that he had to go, but yet he did. And then I realized how short and unpredictable you are! That made me realize how precious you are. But that not only gave me all that wisdom, but it also made me wonder why you dear life were so unfair!
Growing up I realized that you were not easy. There were moments of pure bliss and then there were moments of despair. Those beautiful moments spent with dad, those naps on mom’s lap, those games I played with my brother, the laughter that I shared with friends, all those beautiful places that I saw, the many books that I read, the yummy food that I ate gave me joy. I cried when I lost Dad and also for a few lost opportunities, some failures. Slowly I began to accept things and learned my lessons from them. I had all those dreams, dreams of beautiful places, with a lot of lovely things and I thought that was what gave me joy. As time passed by, I studied, I graduated and I got a job. My definition of happiness began to change because you began to change.
From those secretly nibbling those chocolates under the dining table, to playing gully cricket or gully badminton on the street, from those wounded knees while playing to climbing up over a thousand steps with those same wounded knees and feeling overjoyed, from arguing with mom that I didn’t need braces and then enduring that and then that beautiful(literally beautiful) smile when finally those braces went off, from jumping out of happiness when my poem first got published in a newspaper to feeling happy seeing the many readers on my blog, from winning the little contests in school winning to winning prizes at work, from being a little school girl with those pony tails to being an independent woman every little moment, every little memory is special. And yes there were also disappointments. But I chose to not think about them and focus only on the lesson learned!
But all along there was just one thing that I wanted to find, my purpose of having you. As a kid I had a lot of dreams about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I didn’t care if they were practical or not. But along the journey, I made different choices or sometimes chose to accept the choices made for me by others and the journey still goes on. You are a gift, a truly precious one at that and I wanted to do something big with you. There were times when I was so engrossed in just thinking about doing something big that I forgot to do the little things that mattered.
And then one day I made up my mind that I would live my life to the fullest. How? By actually doing something instead of just dreaming about things, by making my own choices and standing up for the people and things that matter to me, by grabbing any opportunity that comes my way to do something different and most importantly by living in the moment. You have given me so many happy moments and as I was busy pondering about the bad ones I didn’t realize how lucky I was. It is the little things, the little surprises that you give me everyday that make me happy. And yes there may be difficult times, but if I look back at the things that you have taught me so far I think I can manage.
Thank you dear life for all the moments, the lessons and the opportunities that you have given me. I have certain good things about me, I have my flaws too! But thanks to you I am getting better. Yes, you are a journey and I don’t know when this journey will end. But I promise that I’ll be the alwaysย enthusiasticย traveller on this journey and not the tourist!
Love you Zindagi!
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29 responses to “Love you, life!”

  1. pratikshya2 says:

    Love your letter to life,,, such a wonderful idea to have a candid yet deep chat with life as we see it..

  2. “promise to be an enthusiastic traveller and not a tourist” Wow! This line is so brilliant

  3. Losses teach us in a different way how precious it is to live – to actually live. I know that feeling – having lost my father first, and then my brother – You describe beautifully the ‘moments’ spent with mom and dad, of the time your poem got published….of the time zindagi started changing…..I wish you success and happiness always…..

  4. Every line comes straight from your heart, Reema and we can feel how much you loved writing this. Great going! Keep it up!

  5. Parul Thakur says:

    I loved your post for its positivity.It shows that you are willing to learn from life and accept. In my mind that’s the way to live. Hugs, Reema. God bless.

  6. Shailaja V says:

    This piece touches on so many emotions but in such a lovely, heartfelt way, Reema! Truly beautiful in the way you evolve from step to step and give thanks for everything life has done. Big hugs.

  7. Eli Ert says:

    YES! Wonderful post – loving the “doing something instead of dreaming of it” – that’s the key, I think…. Just do it! Life is to short to plan, dream, schedule… just do it, and enjoy it:-) Lovely post:-)

  8. beautiful reflection piece! Life is not easy but we only get one, so we have to live it to the fullest and love it no matter what!

  9. Me Otherwise says:

    Life has its own way of teaching you things.. Isnt it? YOu learn from setbacks and you giggle at the inanities too.. Do it should be the mantra of life instead of waiting for things to happen…

  10. Rachna says:

    I loved reading this chat with life. How you shared your triumphs and failures, your joys and sorrows — very from the heart. Good luck with everything.

  11. Shilpa Garg says:

    This is such a heartfelt letter that charts yours journey called life. Loved how you smiled and learned despite the challenges. Wishing you the very best, Reema ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. shalzmojo says:

    If all of us wrote a letter to our life; most would read the same Reems – hats off to you for putting it down to eloquently. Loved it!

  13. dew cool says:

    live life to the fullest & take a moment from your life to thanks zindagi amazing post

  14. Shalzzz says:

    Hugs, Reema. This is such a heartfelt letter and I wish you all happiness and love in your life! <3

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