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Friday Fictioneers, Boss

He double checked if everything was in place for the next day. He didn’t want his boss to find any mistakes with his work. It was late. As he was walking down the corridor, he was surprised. The lights were on in his boss’s cabin! Was she actually there? He went in to check and there she was.
“What are you still working on boss?”
“I’m going through the presentation you sent”
“Can’t it be done tomorrow?”
“I don’t know what tomorrow holds. So why not just finish it today?”
Now he knew he knew why she was the boss.
Word Count: 100
This post is written in response to the above picture prompt at Friday Fictioneers .
Picture credit: Amy Reese
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39 responses to “The boss”

  1. Mayuri says:

    Short and sweet! Great read!:)

  2. It’s true! One can never know what tomorrow holds. It’s best to complete the work today.
    But I wonder why the boss didn’t delegate the task to the junior? They usually do that, don’t they?

  3. A lovely tale. Yes, we don’t know what’s in store tomorrow. So finish the task at hand today itself.

  4. Rajlakshmi says:

    Wow that’s commitment of a different level. That’s why probably I not a boss 🙂 Nice write.

  5. Tomorrow never come but stay on present. Awesome write.

  6. Wow! I admire the Boss.Not all bosses are like her though!

  7. Vidya Sury says:

    Ah, burning the midnight oil! Going the extra mile! Very nice Reema!

  8. It usually is the boss working into the wee hours. – Nice piece Reema. 🙂

  9. maggie says:

    The hardest workers get rewarded. Hardworkers are constantly learning and improving. People who show the desire to learn often have a better chance of getting where they want rather than people who sit on their previous accolades.

  10. Short, simple but a very strong message.

  11. Great style Reema! I could imagine the words right through! Yes..kal kare so aaj kar…..Menaka Bharathi has recently published <

  12. Converting image to words and saying a lot in just 100 words. Thats a challenge in itself. Awesome!

  13. Geets says:

    Ah! Sometimes, bosses work as well.. for a change 😛


  14. Rachna says:

    Nice short story. Indeed, sometimes I marvel at what workaholics some of these bosses are.

  15. Crisp, sweet and powerful content! This is one such instance, almost everyone goes through. Wonderfully woven thoughts.

  16. Lead by example…crisp writing

  17. Why wait until tomorrow when it can be done today !!!!! True right…

  18. Kala Ravi says:

    Brilliant Reema! That’s the difference with the one on the top, always one step ahead!

  19. Deepa says:

    Nobody knows what tomorrow holds..its better to finish undone things beforehand..short and sweet!

  20. Shalini says:

    Wow! And that’s called commitment! Awesome story.

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