Nostalgia memories

There was enthusiasm written all over the book! The date on the first page told me that it was new year’s day- a new day, a new month and most importantly a new year! There were dreams- dreams for brighter and better future, dreams so simple yet extraordinary! I was hooked and I continued reading it. There were little moments of joy, a few moments of sadness. There were no big expectations, but big dreams and detailed plans on how to make those dreams reality! I read it till the end and I was astonished. And after I was done, I wondered was that really a 17 year old? And then I asked myself one more question. Was that really me? Yes, it was my diary from 7 years ago that I was reading!
At times when we read something that we wrote in the past we wonder was it really us who wrote it. And at times though we may have forgotten a lot of memories, a little note, an old photograph is all that we need to transport us back in time. And it hits you! That sudden wave of nostalgia! Have you felt this way too?
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