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We meet a lot of people in our lives. Some people just pass by but some stay. And there are some people who come into our lives as strangers and then we go on to become the closest of friends. There are times when the closest of friends become strangers, but the real ones stay with you no matter what happens! Around 3 years ago I met one such stranger. May  be we had crossed each others paths before, but we never realized. But if I look back and think about it now, she is the closest friend that I have. Wondering who that is?
I first met her outside one of the buildings in my college. We were both supposed to meet a professor because we were supposed to organize an event together, but we since we hadn’t met before we started off with just “Hi!”. From that day to now, a lot of things have changed. But there are a few things that have never changed and one person who hasn’t changed is my best friend Ramya Rao! After that initial meeting to running around for organizing some events in college, from writing a paper for a poster presentation together to travelling to Bangalore for a conference, slowly we became friends and yes the best of friends! I had a lot of friends in college. But now college is long over and there are just a few friends from college who have stayed close and no prizes for guessing who is one of them.
If there is one thing that keeps us together, it is our love for books and for writing. There are times when we have gone into a book store and then we’ve come out feeling guilty for buying too many books and then telling each other that it is okay because we bought books and nothing else! It was difficult when she moved to Chennai, because we couldn’t meet and we had so much to talk to each other. The situation is no different now though we are both staying in Bangalore! But one thing is for sure, no matter whether we are in same city or different we always know that we have each other! And on those rare occasions that we meet, we keep talking and even when it is time to leave we are still not done! There is so much to talk about this and that and then there is gossip also you know? That is the kind of friends we are- endless chatterboxes!
Staying away from home is not easy. Along with mom’s calls asking me if I am okay or not, there are Ramya’s messages and calls to attend to as well! This does not mean that we have to talk everyday. There are times when either one of us or both of us are busy with work or something else, those are the days when we understand! I believe in such a friendship where even though you don’t speak to each other for a while you can take off from where you left! I am really lucky to have a friend like this whom I can trust, who I know will be with me through thick and thin! Thank you Ramya for being such a lovely and amazing friend!
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8 responses to “My best friend for life”

  1. I guessed it right! When I clicked the link itself I thought it must be Ramya! Have a blast girls!

  2. Mayuri says:

    Such a sweet post! Both you girls are lovely and I hope to meet you’ll sometime soon!

  3. Ramya Rao says:

    I still remember the first time we met. And from then till now we have had one amazing journey. Thank you so much cor everything is all I want to say,love.

  4. Friends stay forever, whether we speak daily or once a year..
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