Month in Rewind: September 2016

September, Look back

“Wake me up when September ends!”
And yes I’ve to wake up now! I can’t believe that it is October already! How did all these months go by? I have no clue. And I haven’t written a month in rewind post for a while now, which makes it a little difficult for me to sit back and think what I did during all these months. So from what I remember, the last time I wrote my month in rewind post, I was at home recovering from Chicken pox. Yes, you can get chicken pox as an adult. This was one question that I was asked multiple times.I didn’t get it as a kid so I got it recently. Two weeks off from work and I was recovering under mom’s care at home! And now as I am typing this, I am sick again. Now recovering from a bout of fever, cough and cold. My status for a while now is going to be no calls, texting only! Yes, I can barely speak. Life is so dull for a chatter box like me if I can’t talk!
If there is one thing that you have noticed, the last time I wrote my month in rewind post it was on the blogspot blog. Yes, I’ve moved to a self hosted thanks to my friend Ramya Rao gifting her gift to me and all the people at Host my Blog who handheld me during the process of shifting from my blogspot blog to this one. It has been a wonderful experience so far on the new blog. I hope you have liked it too. I’m open to your feedback. So let me know if there is something that needs improvement.
From general updates let us come back to September, shall we? So when you have moved to a new space on the blogosphere, you’d definitely want to write your heart out and make the best use of all the awesome plugins that WordPress has to offer right? That is what I did. I participated in the #MyFriendAlexa campaign organized by Blog Chatter and yes my Alexa did drop! My global rank dropped from  4,565,294 to  424,647 in just  a month. Amazing, isn’t it? And the best part was that I tried writing something different. I usually write poems and fiction. This time around I decided to write listicles and what fun that was! I also won a micro blog contest organized by Blog Chatter and and yes, my post was featured on their website too! Did I forget to mention that I also won Flipkart vouchers for the same?
For some reason, September to me was a hectic month with so much to do and so little time! Reading books took a backseat because of time constraints and I feel bad that I haven’t played any sport for a while now. But the best part of September was going home for 4 amazing days! And though I am not a movie person, I managed to go for a movie during September. Thanks to vouchers again 😛
If I had to mention the worst part about September, it was the bandhs in Bangalore. Luckily I was safe. But since the supplies in the Paying Guest Accommodation that I stay in were running low, and since Swiggy wasn’t delivering, it was difficult to get proper food. But I am glad that the situation became peaceful soon. I hope no such bandhs happen hereafter. And yes, I was supposed to work on two Saturdays to make up for those days of bandh. I did work on one Saturday and the next one I was forced to take leave because of my health problems!
I hope to be better soon. This October I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. So make sure you read all my 31 posts. So how was September for you? Let me know. Hope you a wonderful October.
I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

2 responses to “Month in Rewind: September 2016”

  1. Soumya` says:

    Ah the bandhs made me cancel my much needed vacation so I know how you felt! It is strange to see Bangalore turn into something like this you know. I’ve been here all my life and for the first time something like this has happened. Hopefully the chaotic drama will end soon.

    I wrote about how September treated me. Do take a look.

    P.S: Congrats on moving self hosted and the blog looks just as pretty as you now 🙂

  2. Reema D'souza says:

    Thank you Soumya! And yes will read your post soon 🙂

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